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Yumon adds competitive multiplayer and cross-game avatar layers to the most popular gameplays. Within the same game ecosystem, players can compete, be rewarded, and trade.

Showcase your skills competing against players from around the world to rise up the rankings and earn cash and rewards. Receive your first competition-ready avatar as soon as you authenticate in a game. Buy lives to your Limited, Rare and Epic avatars to unlock them and win big in their respective leagues!

Robot kangaroo powered by a small fox with sparks coming out of its hands
Robot kangaroo and an animated girl are floating and facing each other.
character looking out into a purple landscape
Yumon logo on an old style gaming monitor
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Yumon creates technologies to enhance the experience of all arcade game players on mobile. With its proprietary technologies, Yumon adds competitive multiplayer modes and a layer of customization to games using cross-game avatars.

Founded in 2022, Yumon solves recent mobile game developers’ monetization and game discoverability struggles. Focusing on arcade games, Yumon enables competitive multiplayer modes as simple as a single Unity SDK integration.

The technology is blockchain-based, App Store compliant and allows to increase player engagement and the in-app purchases volume while improving discoverability.

Players can enjoy the Yumon-ready games, join competitions and win prizes when performing outstandingly. Virtual items earned or purchased are liquid and can be freely traded between players.

Developers can take advantage of these technologies to monetize their games in addition to or instead of advertising.

This technology paves the way for full cross-compatibility between games and different mobile operating systems, enabling the adoption of digital property technologies without any education or effort on the user's side.