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Descend Online

Catch pets and crawl dungeons together in our vibrant world

Descend logo and characters from the game
Descend Online is coming soon

Immerse in a novel GameFi adventure, where catching pets and conquering dungeons drive gameplay. Trade seamlessly, unlock opportunities with unique pets, and engage in thrilling dungeon crawls for rewarding experiences. Join a community-built MMO focused on immersive gameplay.

A screen from Descend Online
A screen from Descend Online
A screen from Descend Online
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Descend.GG began its journey in July 2022 as an experimental 2D rogue-lite & dungeon crawler.

Feedback from our community was overwhelmingly positive, leading to enriching discussions about the game's potential...

Encouraged by this support, we were inspired to take Descend to new horizons as a comprehensive gaming brand and work towards making an ambitious project called Descend Online.