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Bubble Rangers

Bubble Rangers is an endless runner game with challenging obstacles, tons of fun, a beautiful world, and big rewards.

Imaginary Ones is coming soon.

Race through a dynamic world for as far as you can! Use the power-ups to your advantage. Unlock rare Bubble Rangers and run through the different beautiful worlds.

The free endless runner game keeps the Rangers coming and the maps exciting! Collect Bubble Rangers with unique looks and effects, and upgrade the power-ups for an even more exciting time.

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With their mission to spread love, positivity, and creativity through art, Imaginary Ones has captured the hearts of collectors and gamers alike. Their impressive collection boasts 8,888 fully animated and 3D characters PFPs, achieving a remarkable 17k+ ETH total trading volume and selling out in a mere 6 minutes. They have achieved incredible success with their web3 game, Bubble Rider, and continue to captivate players worldwide with their latest mobile game offering, Bubble Rangers. Within just three weeks of its release, the game amassed over 100k downloads.

With Imaginary Ones bringing web3 gaming to their lineup, Immutable provides the ideal environment to make this happen. Imaginary Ones, in collaboration with Immutable, will develop a series of casual games with a focus on mobile-first experiences on Immutable zkEVM. Each game promises to transport players into a world of endless possibilities, featuring captivating storylines and visually stunning graphics.

Leveraging our Immutable zkEVM technology, Imaginary Ones developers and users can access custom smart contract support, advanced gameplay mechanics, and gas-free experiences, ensuring a more affordable, secure, and smooth trading experience. Additionally, the collaboration allows for Imaginary Ones to accommodate a large player base all while enabling full player ownership over their in-game assets.

Clement Chia, Co-Founder of Imaginary Ones, emphasized, "Working with Immutable is part of our wider plan, to close the gap between web2 and web3 ecosystems in the gaming world.'"

Imaginary Ones has achieved notable milestones, such as being the first Asian-born NFT project to collaborate with the fashion giant HUGO BOSS. This historic partnership resulted in the successful sale of HUGO x IO NFTs and exclusive merchandise, all of which sold out within minutes.

For more information on how Imaginary Ones and Immutable are creating a seamless bridge between traditional gaming experiences and the web3 ecosystem, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.