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Reviral Studios is a pioneering game studio at the forefront of the web3 gaming revolution. With a track record spanning four years, we have been dedicated to shaping the future of interactive entertainment through the integration of blockchain technology. Our team is passionate about crafting immersive and innovative gaming experiences that leverage the power of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

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There are 3 game modes users can join including PvE, PvP and Tournament. PvE (Open World) allows users to race, complete the missions and discover the tracks while PvP allows users to create rooms and race against other users in real-time. The Racing league takes place weekly for users to race in different rounds to find the final 3 winners.

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The full story

Rave represents an innovative leap in the gaming industry, delivering an NFT car racing metaverse GameFi 2.0. Rave brings the thrill of real-life car racing to the virtual world, with a unique focus on user experience and play-and-earn mechanics.

What makes Rave stand out is its determination to shake things up in the gaming world – it's not your typical game but the next-game web3 game with the highlights:

  • Emphasis on Entertainment: Rave places entertainment at the forefront of its mission, ensuring that players derive joy and excitement from the gameplay. Monetization, while important, is secondary to delivering an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Play-and-Earn Done Right: Rave addresses the concerns related to unsustainable game economies by offering a play-and-earn model that empowers gamers. It eliminates pay-to-win scenarios, rewards players with NFT assets for their skills and dedication, promotes web3 ownership and creates a balanced gaming environment.
  • Innovative Maps and Customization: With six unique topographic maps, Rave adds variety and challenge to gameplay. Players can upgrade and customize NFT cars, creating unique racing machines that suit their style and strategy. This dynamic approach enhances the gaming experience.
  • NFT Car Maintenance and Upgrades: Rave introduces a groundbreaking NFT car maintenance system that allows players to increase their car's power and NFT value over time. Players' cars gain power as they engage in thrilling races, making the gameplay truly dynamic.
  • Player-Driven Economy: The project team is dedicated to building a sustainable in-game economy that empowers players. Rave focuses on fostering constant circulation and balance between supply and demand, ensuring the economy remains in the hands of the players.

We cultivate a special speed world in the Rave Metaverse, merging real-life cities with in-game racing tracks and satellite utilities including car fusion, car rental and more.

  • Car Fusion: Ravers have the option to breed two cars together to get a higher-class car.
  • Car rental: Ravers can both rent and lend the available NFT cars from the Rave garage and earn tokens by day.
  • Staking: By actively participating in NFT staking, participants can accrue tokens, airdrops, as known as passive income, further enhancing their ownership experience.
  • Auto Earning: Owners of S and A class cars can leverage the self-driving mode within the unranked PvP mode.

It serves as a space where individuals can freely express themselves, connect with others, have an enjoyable time, and, most importantly, indulge in thrilling speed races.