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MetaClash: Digital Avatars of Destruction

A competitive third-person shooter vehicular combat MOBA.

MetaClash: Digital Avatars of Destruction is live!

A third-person shooter MOBA-style vehicle PvP experience. Acquire parts, upgrade and customize vehicles for multiplayer matches in a post-apocalyptic world marked by Faction power struggles.

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What is MetaClash: Digital Avatars of Destruction(D.A.D.)?

MetaClash: D.A.D. is a free-to-play third-person shooter MOBA-style PvP game where players customize and upgrade vehicles for 5v5 matches, choosing from game modes such as Team Deathmatch and Escort the Cargo. Each player can bring up to 3 vehicles per match, enabling strategic adaptability between team members.

MetaClash World

After a post-apocalyptic event devastated humanity, three Factions emerged. Despite deep hostilities, all Faction pilots gather in the neutral grounds of Alva City, where the Arena stands as the most popular form of entertainment in this dystopian world.

Gameplay and Features

Players choose one of three Factions, each providing a starting vehicle called a Digital Avatar of Destruction (D.A.D.). By piloting D.A.D.s players can compete in the arena, earning rewards for acquiring, upgrading, and customizing vehicle parts to strengthen their arsenal of D.A.D.s. 

When players reach their upgrade limit, they enter a new gaming league in MetaClash: D.A.D., relying solely on skill, strategy, and team coordination against others for the top position in ranked matches.

Game modes

Team Deathmatch

Players are split into two teams. Both teams will attempt to get as many points as possible by killing the opposing team members. Each kill is a point, and the team with the highest points when the timer hits 0 will win.

Escort the Cargo

Teams are divided into offense and defense with five players on each side. The objective is to escort a cargo to the end goal, requiring the attacking team to collect fuel cores scattered on the map to charge the cargo. While the defending team contests these cores to prevent the enemy's cargo from reaching its goal within the set time.


Players can easily convert any owned asset into an NFT using the premium currency, $PCORE. Once minted, those NFTs can be rented or traded on the marketplace. Players can also utilize PFP NFTs from integrated collections as 3D Avatars in the MetaClash World, verified through Tokenproof.

Over the next few months, MetaClash will launch multiple NFT collections, including the Genesis D.A.D. collection, featuring unique vehicles with numerous in-game and on-chain utilities. To stay informed and get whitelisted, follow their Twitter for announcements.


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