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Mars Battle

The first-ever multiplayer Web3 game on Mars

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Build objects, edit maps, and compete against other teams for victory across the Martian surface and colonies. Control maps through customized designs to suit your play styles and loadouts. From walls to cover, from platforms to kill zones, strategize with your team and earn victory.

First person shooter
First person shooter
First person shooter
First person shooter
First person shooter
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The full story

Mars Shooter is a high-octane arena shooter with a twist as players compete against each other inside vast Martian facilities or on the surface of the Red Planet. With a wide variety of available gear scattered across the levels and the ability to edit maps in real-time with parts and tools, players fight in a battle of snap-actions and quick-thinking that promote tactical and high-skilled play.

Mars Shooter is a project that blends NFT functionality seamlessly with the high-octane, adrenalin-fueled fun of arena shooter style games. The core gameplay mechanic is focused around the typical shooter experience that will be familiar to many gamers, but unlike the typical game Mars Shooter comes with a twist. Each map in the Mars Shooter game can be edited outside the game, allowing for adjustments and dynamic changes to the flow of games played with others.

Players will construct walls, platforms, and other constructables to make their own imprint on the map during games, drastically adjusting the available plays and tactics open to them. Build ceiling panels to bounce grenades around targets, use platforms to leap up to, or build corridors to funnel foes.