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Chalk River

A gritty Wild West open world metaverse with stunning visuals and 7 addictive side-games.

Chalk River is live. Play now!

In the sprawling frontier of Chalk River, every choice matters and every bullet counts – carve out your legacy in this immersive Wild West experience published by Vendetta Games.

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Cabin and trees
Western setting with a cowboy riding a horse
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Saddle Up for the Ultimate Wild West Experience

Step into the dusty, danger-laden world of the Chalk River Metaverse, where the unforgiving landscape is teeming with scorpions, rattlesnakes, and ruthless outlaws. Amidst this harsh terrain lies a land rich in natural resources, ripe for the taking. The Wild West town of Chalk River sprung up around a newly discovered mine, a beacon of opportunity that has attracted its fair share of fortune-seekers and threats. The local guild stands as the town's protector, making sharpshooting skills and toughness essential for survival.

What sets Chalk River apart?

  • Free-to-play model, breaking down barriers to blockchain-powered entertainment
  • Gamified staking
  • Content-rich quests
  • High-stakes RiskFi side-games

Gamified Staking

Vendetta Games introduces two groundbreaking gamified staking systems in Chalk River: Kill-2-Earn and Ranch-2-Earn. Stake your $VDT in properties and cattle to earn yield, but be prepared to defend your holdings from outlaws! With its unique blend of immersive gameplay, innovative tokenomics, and a thriving community, the Chalk River Metaverse delivers a one-of-a-kind Wild West adventure that's not to be missed. Saddle up and join the excitement today!

Content-Rich Quests 

Embark on a variety of content-rich chapters and quests in the Chalk River Metaverse. Earn Gold Dust, NFTs, and $VDT tokens by completing storyline chapters, working on farmland, mining for gold, and participating in the Chalk River Metaverse. Whether you're robbing banks, racing through Chalk River Canyon, mining for gold, or managing farms and businesses, there's no shortage of adventures to be had.

7 RiskFi Side-Games

Portals Discover portals within the Chalk River Metaverse that lead to a variety of Vendetta Games, offering a diverse range of activities for players. Socialization is at the heart of the experience, with opportunities to challenge fellow gamers to shoot-outs, races, or a friendly game of cards at the Vendetta Saloon on Main Street.

What are you waiting for?

Saddle up, partner! Don't miss your chance to carve out your legacy in this vast, untamed land – join the Chalk River community today and let your Wild West journey begin!