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Outlaws Brawl

Blockchain character-based tactical shooter

Outlaws Brawl is coming soon.

Outlaws Brawl FPS Multiplayer is envisioned as a game to rival its traditional games in popular PvP concept built using Unreal Engine and powered by blockchain to give players the freedom of ownership and transfer of their in-game assets.

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Immerse yourself in thrilling first-person shooter battles across three unique maps. Confront rival clans, adapt to hostile locals, and face off against relentless alien creatures. Join the eternal struggle for dominance and choose your side in this action-packed battle for supremacy!

It is never ending war between two rival outlaw clans on Earth and on the Moon they battle for dominance. You will also be fighting locals in each map besides your opponent team. Crazy locals, alien creatures, intelligent alien drones you have to face whilst fiercely battling your age old adversary. Choose your side wisely, once you are in the clan you are part of the clan!

Fabulous Lunar surface and low gravity environment in which you have to continue your conquest following nuclear calamity on Earth. Always be on the lookout for those alien creatures who dislike all invaders to their habitat. Do not dismiss that very ingenious technological beings with their drones flying over you constantly to kill and maim using their laser beams. This is truly multiplayer map in which you battle your opponents and the local alien creatures at all times.