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CLASH: Heroes Of Feralia Terra

CLASH, is a third person single-player and co-op, action RPG adventure.

CLASH: Heroes Of Feralia Terra is coming soon

Play as feral Warriors in a quest to save your world from Alien Invaders. Survive and thrive by wielding an arsenal of weapons and abilities. Clash NFTs allow players to craft, trade and own unique in-game assets, enhancing gameplay with exclusive cosmetic items, characters, skins and grant access to special events, providing a personalized and valuable gaming experience.

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CLASH, is a 3rd person single player and co-op, action RPG adventure. You play as feral Warriors, with unique powers that you utilize to save your world from Alien Invaders. Survive the harsh environment filed with enemies & quests, by wielding an arsenal of weapons and abilities.


CLASH offers an immersive solo and multiplayer experience that challenges your skills, ingenuity, and determination. Embark on a journey through a mesmerizing universe brimming with diverse landscapes and engage in exhilarating, demanding battles.


Explore the land of Feralia Terra filled with diverse Biomes and engage in intense, challenging battles. Navigate through this captivating world and find yourself entangled in a struggle where every decision holds consequences that can determine your fate.


CLASH grants you the freedom to choose your path. Will you venture as a lone warrior, braving the unforgiving wilderness in search of survival? Or will you form alliances with friends and allies to overcome the challenges that lie ahead?


In a world where heroic creatures roam, an ancient power lies dormant, awaiting the chosen few who possess the feral ability to unlock its secrets, possessing heroic qualities and a feral ability that aids them in battle. When these courageous creatures gather those mystical alien crystals, they undergo a powerful transformation, assuming their true feral form.


Immerse yourself in an expansive character customization system, allowing you to craft a hero that aligns with your unique play style.


Prepare to confront colossal creatures that threaten the very fabric of existence. Discover ancient artifacts and learn to harness their hidden powers to gain an advantage in battles. It is through these encounters that you will uncover the mysteries surrounding the world of Feralia Terra.

IN-GAME NFTs / Collectibles

The game incorporates NFTs / Collectibles that allow players to craft, collect and trade unique cosmetics assets, such as weapons, armors, skins, accessories and grant access to special events, unique physical products and more from the world of Clash IP, aiming to deliver an enjoyable and enhanced gaming experience, powered by Immutable zkEVM technology.


  • Fast-paced souls like melee and ranged combat.
  • Select your weapons strategically to navigate and survive diverse combat scenarios in your thrilling quests.
  • Encounter a wide range of enemies, ensuring constant challenges and excitement.
  • Atmospheric environments waiting to be explored and unravel their secrets.
  • Main story and quests filled with intrigue and mystery.
  • Skill tree system, upgrades, customizations, and much more.

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