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Heroes Chained

Medieval fantasy aRPG from an award winning team. Gather heroes, battle, explore, collect, craft, grow.

Heroes Chained is coming soon.

Fantasy action RPG from an award winning team. Explore, collect resources, craft gear, gather and improve heroes, grow, and battle! Play PvE and PvP. Form alliances. Read and write the lore of Ventuna with other players.

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Heroes Chained (HC), an immersive fantasy RPG adventure where you step into the role of a Guild Master, assembling a diverse array of fantasy heroes—from orcs and humans to , elves, dwarves and the MayinHara. Your mission is to liberate the world of Ventuna from the clutches of the nefarious Dark Lord Oblivion and his minions.

Venture out into the sprawling world of Ventuna, where you'll engage in thrilling battles against a multitude of enemies. In these battles, you'll utilize a strategic card-based system to cast powerful abilities and gather essential resources for your journey. Heroes Chained blurs the lines between traditional gaming genres, offering a unique and engaging experience that combines hero management, card-based battles, and an immersive fantasy narrative. The fate of Ventuna rests in your hands; are you prepared to lead your Guild to victory and vanquish the shadows once and for all?