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Legends of Bezogia

Unleash your creativity in world of Bezogia with MMORPG, Battle Royale, Speed Race, Survival, and Party Game modes.

Scene from Legends of Bezogia
Legends of Bezogia is live. Play now!

Join a thriving global community, compete in epic competitions, and shape the future of gaming. Bezogia is where blockchain meets AAA gaming. Download now and embark on your legendary adventure!

Character and screen from Legends of Bezogia
Character and screen from Legends of Bezogia
Character and screen from Legends of Bezogia
Character and screen from Legends of Bezogia
Character and screen from Legends of Bezogia
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The Full Story

Developed by ZOGI Labs, Bezogia is one of the most exciting platforms which introduce Decentralized Gaming-as-a-Service (DGaaS). This simply means that it allows players to take part in an endless MMORPG experience which eventually turns into the first Gaming Metaverse.

This is how Bezogia works:

1. Empowering Creativity: In Bezogia, each player becomes a world creator where they can design immersive gaming experiences without coding knowledge through its easy-to-use interface. You can do everything from character creation to animation using simple drag-and-drop features.

2. Expansive Game World: At launch, there will be over 150+ builder items available on Bezogia’s platform alongside a huge repository of templates and assets. Developers can choose components that match their games’ themes thus allowing for limitless exploration possibilities.

3. Real-time Testing and Community Support: Game creators can test their game’s performance in real-time on Bezogia which makes the testing process quicker. Creators forums and tutorials provide help needed as well as encouraging collaboration between different developers.

4. Streamlined Monetization: On Bezogia, monetization has been made very easy since everything is integrated naturally i.e $MBLK will act as its main digital currency. As players engage with various creations made by different developers; rewards and royalties are earned ensuring there is a sustainable environment where creators directly exchange value with gamers.

5. Simplified Onboarding: To ensure accessibility, ZOGI Labs have simplified the process of joining this platform whereby it only requires email addresses hence eliminating any blockchain complexities involved. This approach ensures that even those who are not tech-savvy will still get involved.

Why should you play Bezogia?

The reason why I would personally recommend anyone out there reading this to check out or even sign up is because we offer something different from what you have seen before. You can take your creativity to the next level, go on epic quests and make decisions that really matter in the end. Bezogia is an immersive game with a user-friendly interface which promises to be rewarding for both gamers and developers through its vast universe creation capabilities coupled with easy monetization options provided by $MBLK. It’s like being part of tomorrow’s video games industry today where each mission becomes an adventure of a lifetime and all moves count!