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Battle Fort Knox

A series of character-based, multiplayer shooter games where story meets action!

Battle Fort Knox (BFK) is a series of character-based, multiplayer, NFT shooter games. They are fun, highly addictive, and made up of a number of game versions with increasing complexity and style to entice players on every level.

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BFK WARZONE is a simple multiplayer 2D shooter game where players control soldiers called Fortis and use the Advanced Ranking system to level up and increase the value of their NFTs. The game includes PVP modes where players fight in the matchmaking system to earn rewards and achievements ranking them higher.

Playable here:

  1. WebGL Browser:
  2. Easy Access Browser:
  3. IOS Download:
  4. Google Play Download:
  5. Huawei App Store:  

How to play?

All Players will Start with a Free NON-NFT active Soldier Called Draxis

Game Access and Ecosystem:

The Player Profile:

  • The Commander ( Profile Base Ranking System )

Web Player Profile:

Characters & Ownable:

  • Fortis ( Main Soldier Characters ) NFTs or Virtual Non-Nft
  • Infinity Knox’s ( Powerful Aura Cards for Extra Buff )
  • Weapons ( Selection of Weapons ) NFTs or Virtual Non-Nft
  • Equipment ( Selection of Equipment) NFTs or Virtual Non-Nft

Initial Base Map:

  • Fortum ( Desert Fort Map Legacy )

Play Modes and Game

Gaming on BFK Warzone, allows players to acquire XP per Game on an Effort Based System, Every Elimination, Game Join, NFT’s buy or sell even the game you lose register as efforts put into the system and accountable to XP points to push your ranks higher.

The main game is divided into 5 game modes:

  • Free to Play ( TDM )
  • Ranked PVP
  • Ranked PVP ( Stake Mode )
  • Coop Game Ranked
  • Coop Game Ranked ( Stake Mode )

The game is based on simple 2D shooter principles of 2-directional movement and 2-directional jump/fall.

To move on the map ( PC WebGL )

  • Use A for the left move
  • Use D for the right move
  • Use W for upwards momentum
  • Use S for downward momentum
  • Use Space for jump
  • Use CTRL for crouch mode (enabled macro to move while shooting in crouch mode)
  • Aim with Mouse

To use the throwables/special ability: press Q to engage it.

( Mobile  )

You can use Left and Right Controllers:

  • Left Controller = Movement Direction ( Forward, Backward)
  • Left Controller = Momentum Direction ( Rotate )
  • Right Controller = Aim Rotation + Auto Fire
  • Right Controller Extended Auto Fire
  • Right Jump Button = Jump
  • Right Special Ability Button = Active Special Ability
  • Right Top Fire Button = Manual Firing
  • Top Screen ( Lock Aim ) = Lock you aim is last direction
  • Top Screen ( Auto Fire ) = Activate Auto-Fire & Reload

The shooting mechanics and firing mechanics are based on firing projectiles (bullets aimed at a subject). The main target of the game is to eliminate the other enemy by shooting until a kill has been marked.

Game Modes Description:

  • Free to play: Eliminate and respawn until the game is completed when a round is over (Elimination XP Rated only)

  • PvP Ranked Non-Stake: Enable Players to Matchmake with Active Ranking and Eliminations points
  • PvP Ranked Stake: Enable Players to Matchmake with Active Ranking and Active Staking Value in Tokens + Eliminations points, Winner Takes the Pool.
  • COOP Ranked Non-Stake: Enable up to 10 players to get matched 5 VS 5  with Active Ranking and Eliminations points and Assistance XP Points to Rank Faster.

  • COOP Ranked Stake: Enable up to 10 players to get matched 5 VS 5  with Active Ranking and Eliminations points and Assistance XP Points to Rank Faster and Stake Against Each other in a Shared Pool of Selected Token amounts, the Winner Team Takes all.
  • TDM Free For all

Assistance Radar:

Both on PC and Mobile, the Radar is set on the top right of the screen that shows Dots as your enemies or teammates depending on the game mode you are in. ( Green for Teammates, Red for Enemies, Yellow in Free for All mode )

The system has been built to look simple but is a robust algorithm behind the power of this game. Check out this Extended Ranking / Earning model here:

Ranking System:

  • Skills Fortis earn skills by fighting in the warzone. Each skill equals 200 collected experience points. For more information about points allocation, please visit here (scrolls to XP Points)
  • Multipliers Based on the action and performance you do in-game, your multiplier will be affected, especially with the acquiring of an Infinity Knox. Multipliers allow you to rank faster.
  • Collected XP Each Forti rank consists of 20 total skill points based on the rarity of the Forti. Reaching 20 skill points is equal to 4000 XP points which will unlock the next rank and reset your counter.


  • Player List the Game Leaderboard collects the general sum of game-played, wins, and effort put in the ecosystem to provide an average rate value that enlist the players in global public visible division that will be used for several achievements unlock and in-game offerings, rewards and awards to compete at the top of the list ranks

Earning System:

  • Earn Fortis earn Points by fighting in the warzone. Each kill will raise your point allocation and XP, you can raise your points to unlock a new rank and earn BFK airdrops as you go! Kills, assists, and marketplace activities will help you rank and allocate your BFK earnings for the next rank.
  • Collect Collecting Points in your profile by doing purchases, auctions, and sales, will earn you more profile points to help you rank faster. The ranking is affected by Forti’s battle efforts, and your actions in the marketplace allow you to collect more facts to get your airdrop more quickly on the next rank.
  • Airdrop On each Rank Unlock, you will receive an airdrop based on the rank you are moving to. Airdrops are automated and will appear in your active wallet after some time related to the network processing on the blockchain. Network fees are covered by BFK so your earnings will arrive intact.

BFK offers multiple ways to earn in the game, including Play/Trade-to-Earn, Stake-to-Earn, and Pay-to-Earn methods. Players can level up their Forti character, which can then be sold on the BFK marketplace at a price determined by the community. The game includes three types of gameplay (Ranked, Team & Events) and an upcoming battle-royale mode where players can earn a share of the pool as a reward. In addition, players can buy, sell, and trade NFT cards within the armory and earn airdrops while ranking up their commander level.

Blockchain & Digital Wallet Earnings:

Each Player's Account holds 2 Types of Wallet showing in his Marketplace Account and Internally in-game

  • In-Game Wallet as shown above in the Picture is Called the Central Wallet, this wallet will display all the rewards and earnings collected from ranking in the Game and unlocking airdrops are all automatically / manually added or collected into the digital wallet.
  • Marketplace Status bar as shown above in the Picture shows the Central Digital wallet interconnected with the game, the balance of BFK Tokens in your Cold Stored Wallet Connected to the Account the price of actual price of BFK token in market and the number of NFT's and players online.
  • You can simply access your central wallet by pressing on the wallet icon in the middle of the status bar or by pressing on central wallet in the left side menu of you marketplace

Earning & Ranking Controller Logic:

This is a system designed to control the earnings of players the game  It uses various algorithms to balance and control the amount of earning players receive based on their gameplay and the market cap of the game.

The system includes:

  • RDR-F, RDR-W, and RDR-A algorithms, which control airdrop values for different game items based on the market cap of the game.
  • TBC Controller, which tracks player time spent on the game to adapt and offer new opportunities for earning.
  • BTS Controller, which collects data on the number of fights players engage in to unlock fame walls and offer unlimited rankings for Fortis and NFTs.
  • MLE Controller, which controls the maximum earning per player per day based on the game rounds played compared to the global time played by gamers on the platform.
  • RERC Controller, which controls the ratio of value total of earning based on the pool available to ensure the system balances itself.
  • PTS Controller, which controls the number of players online in-game earning or losing either digital XP points or earning rewards in the central wallets.
  • VRWS Controller, which controls the earnings acquired from players to generate transactions automatically sent to the central wallets and vest them per dependencies set by the game.
  • MPSC Controller, which allows users to earn rewards automatically while the VRWS system is applied to them based on the purchase of artifacts or digital achievements in the game.

Overall, this system promises to adapt to any situation or level the game reaches while keeping the rewards logical and the project sustainable and scalable for the future.

Types of NFTs

  • NFT Soldiers ( Fortis )

Most of the Soldiers on BFK WARZONE are purchasable NFTs from the original marketplace or from the community marketplace limited by supply and rarity also affected by the categories each one follows.

  • NFT Power Knox’s

The infinity Knox's are Elemental Powerful Energy Boosters that empower their bearer with unmatched powers over a period of time or even permanently. The Power Factor from these NFTs is applied to all Fortis without a Commander Profile, which is a pretty powerful effect. The Infinity Knox's are limited by supply and rarity, and the available IFKs are Gold, Emerald, and Platinum.

  • NFT Weapons

The weapons act as the power handle for the fortis. Each model has its power attribution but the weapons are the master power dealers. These NFTs will be considered very rare as they affect totally how the game works and will allow players to mix and match soldiers with different ranked weapons to give an edge in the battle.

  • NFT Accessories / Skins

As part of the diversity factor in this game, BFK introduced 2 new smart contracts to add more variety to the game allowing players to access Accessories in types of NFTs and Skins that will allow the Fortis to have an extra edge of customizations and value to earn for the players, all of which will be also limited by supply and rarity.

  • Physical NFTs

BFK is merging physical toys with their NFTs characters, something that has never been done before. These toys will be mailed out as a companion to rare NFTs and will also come with an activation code for a surprise gift. Limited edition BFK toy soldiers will be offered to those who purchase a rare NFT, and these physical toys trigger a code for a special weapon or skin for the NFT playable character.

BFK WARZONE has designed a prototype and planning to distribute hundreds of toys ready to bring into the Merchandise store. BFK has designed, modeled, and developed versions of the toy and partnered with overseas distributors to create it. BFK aims to have a toy replica of each character in our store by the end of 2023.

Taxing and Economy:

9% tax is applied as follows: ( DEX Trade )

  • 3% Game Development
  • 3% Marketing and Media
  • 3% LP / Ecosystem

4% tax is applied as follows: ( Global Marketplace )

  • 2% LP
  • 2% Development / Marketing

Trading & Auction Systems:

Designed to be Robust and Efficient ( ON-Chain Auction )

  • Starting BID The starting bid will define the initial bid requested to start the auction, no one will be able to bid less than this price and the increment will be applied to this price as a minimum bid
  • Reserve BID Collecting Points in your profile by doing purchases, auctions, and sales, will earn you more profile points to help you rank faster. The ranking is affected by Forti’s battle efforts, and your actions in the marketplace allow you to collect more facts to get your airdrop more quickly on the next rank.
  • Buy-it-Now The Buy-it-now price will define the highest price to pay for a direct purchase of this NFT. Usually this price is higher than the reserve price and ultimately used to close the auction and sell on spot

OFF-Chain to ON-Chain NFT's Upgrade System:

How does it work?

Designed to Lower the Wait Barrier for Gamers To Sync their NFT's to Chain

  • Contract Sync Gamers while the Game will Collect XP from different events and actions on the BFK Ecosystem, leading them to upgrade their and Rank their NFT's Digitally higher as they Grow, the system will not Generate any transactions to Update their NFT's on chain unless players wish so. this will prevent time delays for in-game engagement and will only be required by the system for when a player chooses to Sell his NFT or Transfer it or move it our of his wallet
  • Fees & Process The process is very simple and straightforward, players will be notified to upgrade their NFT's before any transaction on-chain action takes place to make the data and accomplishment that specific NFT did is transmitted and printed on-chain, Fees are paid by each user.