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Creating the next generation of Web3 games

Immutable Games is the global leader in Web3 game development and publishing.

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Pioneers in a new world of games

Our mission is to redefine gaming for generations to come, by developing innovative and engaging experiences that empower players with true ownership, value, and creative expression. All through the power of Immutable’s game-changing Web3 creativity and NFT technology.

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Meet the executive team

Focused on fantastical creativity, craft, and technological wizardry, Immutable Games Studio is led by creative and technological trailblazers in the gaming industry and Web3 industry.

By combining the expertise of our diverse set of talents, we are able to develop great engaging games that are incredibly fun and supercharged by Web3.

Jennifer Poulson
Jennifer Poulson
Vice President of Game Partnerships

Jennifer Poulson is Vice President of Game Partnerships at Immutable Games, where she is helping the company partner with top developers across the industry and deliver the next generation of AAA decentralized games. Immutable Games’ goal is to partner with player-focused game studios over the coming years to bring true digital ownership to players worldwide. Before joining the team, Jennifer was Head of Publishing Partnerships APAC at Riot Games, where she built relationships with many publishing partners across the region to help deliver Riot's latest titles to the market. Before this, she served as Senior Vice President of Marketing for BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia, developing brand strategies for the company's various intellectual properties. Before this, Jennifer was the Deputy Managing Director for Hill+Knowlton Strategies Thailand, and also served at Ogilvy PR, where she focused on brands such as Square Enix, and at Edelman, where she handled communications for Microsoft Xbox. She holds a BA in English and Political Science from the University of Washington.

Justin Hulog
Justin Hulog
Chief Studio Officer

Justin Hulog is the Chief Studio Officer at Immutable Games where he works to build quality Web3 titles that bring true digital ownership to the world. As CSO, Justin works with the development teams to implement the best balance of gameplay mechanics, tokenomics, and asset management in all titles that Immutable Games builds internally or partners with. Before joining Immutable, Justin was the General Manager at Riot Games for Southeast Asia and Taiwan. In this role Justin oversaw the release of several new titles, including Valorant, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, and Arcane. Before this, he spent nearly six years with Say Media, acting first as the Senior Director of the Creative Studio, and later being promoted to Vice President of Ad Products and Head of Sales. Justin is an experienced general manager, operations leader, and people strategist, with a special focus on the intersection of strategy and organization. He holds a BA in Comparative Literature from Columbia University.

Veronica Foo
Veronica Foo
Director of Marketing

Veronica Foo is the Director of Marketing at Immutable Games, bringing with her a decade of experience leading cross-functional teams marketing games to millions of players worldwide. Combining her passion for both gaming and marketing, Veronica has a track record of building award-winning, integrated marketing campaigns that elevate gaming and deliver exceptional business results. Before coming to Immutable, Veronica worked as the Head of Digital Marketing for Illuvium, as well as spending six years at Riot Games. At Riot, she led the successful worldwide launch of League of Legends: Wild Rift, breaking pre-registration records and topping App Store and Play Store charts. There she also worked on League of Legends (PC), Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics. Before her time at Riot, Veronica worked as a Publishing and Community Developer for Ubisoft Singapore, on Ubisoft’s first live service game. She has a Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honors in Political Science from the National University of Singapore as well as a Diploma in Law and Management from Temasek Polytechnic.

Chris Clay
Chris Clay
VP, Game Design

Chris Clay is Vice President of Game Design at Immutable Games, leading the design and creative teams overseeing development of Guilds of Guardians and Gods Unchained, and providing practical design guidance internally and externally in creating the next generation of Web3 game systems and tooling for Immutable Games and our partners. Before Immutable, Chris was Game Director for Wizards of the Coast, where he led the development of Magic: The Gathering Arena, taking the project from an initial Alpha build into an Open Beta. Prior to this, Chris held a position as Senior Game Designer for Vicarious Visions, as well as spending over fifteen years working for WB Games Boston, first as Senior Technical Artist, then Senior Game System Designer, and later as Lead Champion Designer for Infinite Crisis.

Roberto Vieira
Roberto Vieira
Director of Engineering

Roberto is a highly technical, hands-on executive experienced in the setup and management of Application Maintenance & Operations Units as well as large Software & Solution Delivery Departments in distributed and multicultural environments. As Director of Engineering at Immutable Games Studio, Roberto looks after the Engineering Team that powers our Web3 games. Before joining Immutable, as Head of Engineering at Virtually Human, Roberto was responsible for scaling up the development teams to explore the boundaries of entertainment with emerging technologies in gaming, art, sports, and digital collectibles resulting in Web3 games like and Previous to that, Roberto worked with Activision-Blizzard King scaling its Engineering departments to ship record-breaking successes like Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, and Paradise Bay. More recently as Head of Technology, he worked making sure that his teams were able to produce the incredible games Wargaming is known for like World of Tanks and World of Warships.

Daniel Paez
Daniel Paez
Head of Revenue Strategy, Gods Unchained

Daniel Paez is Head of Revenue Strategy at Immutable Games' flagship trading card game, Gods Unchained. As a developer of data-driven business strategies, Daniel focuses on bridging the gap between insights from a variety of players in the industry. These include linking information from business intelligence teams to key decision makers, product designers to commercial strategists, and brand management heads to social media influencers. Daniel uses a scientific approach to challenge assumptions and then to build a data-supported knowledge-base that influences business organizations, from the bottom up. Before joining Immutable, Daniel worked as the Director of Monetization for both Worldspark Studios and Big Time Studios. He also worked as the Senior Manager of Commercial Finance and Operations at Activision, and previously held several positions at gaming company, Blizzard Entertainment, most recently as Senior Manager of Publishing Intelligence. Daniel has a Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Economics, and a Masters of Business Education from Florida International University.

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