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A multiplayer 'hack and slash' adventure in a world radically shaped by player decisions.

ChronoForge is a radical multiplayer action RPG in which the collective decisions of all players literally make or break the world. Players gear up with 12 combat classes to battle exotic foes through time - from dinosaurs to space raiders. Raiding and open world mini-games are used to upgrade community-governed airships known as ‘trading companies’ for top tier crafting. In a ‘global prisoner’s dilemma’, players vote weekly to decide whether to attack rivals, ban harmful tech or risk a global apocalypse by activating their ChronoForge to smelt the best gear!

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Poppy Combat for You and Your Friends

ChronoForge is at core a time-hopping ‘hack and slash’ dungeon crawler coupled with a steampunk open world ‘chill zone’ full of addictive harvesting mini games. Combat is fast and cooperative, featuring a range of exotic foes across time from dinosaurs to space raiders. There are a whopping 12 races and classes available at launch, each with unique stats and abilities. 

Despite the high-stakes game mechanics and story, ChronoForge is a colourful, stylised adventure led by a menagerie of fluffy creatures that could have been plucked from Disney’s Zootopia as much as World of Warcraft. 

An MMO-Scale Social Puzzle

ChronoForge challenges the familiar ‘greed is good’ RPG experience with an MMO-scale social experiment that gives real consequence to collective player decisions. In an analogy for the global carbon emissions crisis, player communities upgrade their trading company airships, smelt the best gear and access end-game zones using a harmful power source known as a chronoforge. If too many chronoforges are active at once, a planetary fracture occurs which wipes out everyone’s airships. 

Players vote weekly to decide whether their trading company risks it all by activating their chronoforge, attacks a rival or votes for an unlikely global prohibition of chronotech. The developers also expect the community to engage in a range of cooperative, disruptive and covert strategies to swing trading company votes in their favour. 

Each week hordes players will return to scheme and vote on the fate of their world. This cycle both increases player retention and creates a grand spectacle perfect for streaming audiences.