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Uncover the mysteries of a new world with Versus' Cypher companions.

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Versus is a vibrant clash of 'Animal Crossing' charm and 'Pokémon' battles. Craft, trade, and duel in a world rich with enigmatic 'Cyphers' to master. It’s an epic, creature-filled adventure where your actions shape the world.

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Versus is an MMORPG game that allows players to craft items to build their dream home as they level up, embark on quests, battle against other players in PvP combat using digital companions called Cyphers, and earn stable tokens that can be cashed out in-game to fiat with no blockchain interaction needed.

Containing something for gamers from casual to professional, the vibrant hand-crafted game world brims with life thanks to engaging NPCs, social connections, unique stories, and the ability to settle down into a neighborhood on their own land and customize their homestead. For a faster pace, players can enter the battle arena with PvP 2.5D battles featuring teams of creatures called Cyphers, a player’s digital companion in the open world and key to the Tekken-inspired fighting game.