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Blade of God X

Blade of God X is a hardcore Action-RPG with a dark Nordic style and serves as the official sequel to the Blade of God series. In the game, players assume the roles of great heroes burdened with misery, sorrow, and a mundane identity from mythology. They embark on an adventure across the vast and mysterious Nordic lands, battling against the 'sacrificers' who have lost their 'destiny,' while seeking their own path to redemption.

Blade of God X is coming soon

Players use Gacha and The Wheel of Fortune in the game to obtain Soul Cards that carry heroic skills. They collect and equip these Soul Cards in their skill chains to unleash powerful combinations, resolving battle challenges and advancing the storyline. Additionally, they have the option to mint these Soul Cards as NFTs, refine them, and engage in trading.

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Immutable and Blade of God X: The Next-gen Souls style Action RPG

Blade of God X, a next-gen hardcore Action-RPG, stands as the official sequel to the popular Blade of God franchise, and the latest title to join the pantheon of games building on Immutable zkEVM.

Players take on the roles of legendary heroes burdened with sorrow, misery, and an enigmatic identity rooted in ancient mythology. Their quest spans the vast and enigmatic Nordic realms, engaging in battle against the 'sacrificers' whose 'destinies' have been lost, all while seeking their own path to redemption.

Set in the time before Ragnarok, when unknown undercurrents engulf the Nordic lands, Odin, the all-knowing deity, wages war to claim the heroic spirits, while Loki, the malevolent god, emerges from the depths of darkness. Amidst this dark era, Chaos, the challenger of destiny, Esther, the awakened Valkyrie, and Hela, the banished goddess of Helheim, each with their unique objectives, foretell the prologue of Ragnarok.

Mastery of the game comes from acquiring Soul Cards through Gacha and The Wheel of Fortune, each carrying valuable heroic skills. Players skillfully combine these cards in skill chains, unleashing devastating combinations to conquer the challenges of battle and delve deeper into the captivating lore of this thrilling universe.

Players will also have the option to mint these Soul Cards as NFTs, refining them for trading. The game aspires to construct a universe that traverses the spatial and temporal dimensions over the nine realms. Within this magnificent world, players can explore cosmic realms, fight alongside heroes from various factions, and partake in exhilarating adventures filled with epic stories.

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Can’t wait to dive in? Pre-registration for Blade of God X is now open! 

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