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Blast Royale

Shoot, Brawl and Survive in the Ultimate Battle Royale game on Mobile

Animated character holding a gun
Blast Royale is coming soon.

Blast Royale is an action-packed, top-down mobile shooter that combines MOBA features & Battle Royale PvP action! Compete against real players in fast battles, upgrade your skills, play with your friends in squads, earn epic rewards, and be the Last Player Standing.

Blast Royale characters
Animated character with a rocket launcher
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Street scene from Blast Royale
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Survive in the ultimate battle royale as the last player standing by finding loot and eliminating your enemies. 

Dive into action-packed gameplay with special abilities, powerful weapons and life-saving consumables. Outsmart the deadly storm and your opponents in intense matches, fighting for victory against players from around the world.

4-Minute Battles

Blast Royale is tailored for fast-paced matches and real-time instant action with players around the world. Free-to-Play and easy to get started. If you enjoy shooting games then this one's for you!

Easy to Play with Your Friends

Create squads with friends and compete against other clans in Ranked or custom game modes. You can also take to the Tournaments & Live Events if you think you have what it takes to win.

Rewarded Gaming

Your victories are generously rewarded! Unlock legendary characters, exclusive skins, emotes, and other gameplay cosmetics. It feels good to stand out on the battlefield.

Easy Controls & Smooth Gameplay

Zero barriers to fun! Customise your in-game experience with comfortable controls and UI for players of all levels. 

Download, Ready-Up and Drop into Blast Royale!