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The DATA2073 universe will provide players with an unprecedented experience in terms of gameplay and economy, allowing players to move away from the "play to win" paradigm. Instead, it offers players the "play and win" experience.

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DATA2073 is a metaverse-style TCG (trading card game), which was created by a team of economic experts, blockchain technicians and members of well-known casual game development companies. This is a card game with a lot of strategy and development involved, making your interaction super addictive and fun, state-of-the-art, which uses an innovative new game method.With the perfect combination of preparation, battlefield, and turns, this game becomes incredibly immersive and dynamic, where matches last around 5 minutes.Players can combine the cards in their deck in different ways to ensure they are as strong as possible.

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Data 2073 is an online collectible card game. The game is turn-based and played by two players. Each player starts with a deck of 30 cards,

selected from a larger collection of cards that can be acquired through purchase or earned in-game.

Data 2073 cards are divided into two main types: Units and Drones. Each card has a battery cost that must be paid to play. Battery cost is indicated in the upper left corner of each card.

Units are cards that can be played on the board and remain there until defeated or removed. They have stats like attack, health, and effect text. Some units have special abilities, such as Share power (adding stat points to other units) or Anticipation (allowing the unit to attack before others). Drones are cards, with a unique and often powerful effect. They can be used to deal direct damage to the opponent or the opponent's units, heal your own units or yourself, or grant temporary bonuses to units.

The game has two main mechanics: attack and defense. When a minion

attacks, it deals damage equal to its attack value to the target's health. If a hero is attacked, the damage is subtracted from his total health. Players can use their battery to play cards each turn. Each turn consists of a rotation phase, where each player can play cards and attack units or the opponent directly. The turn ends when the player clicks the "End

turn" button, so all moves are shown to both players at the same time,

that is, the effect of each player's moves is only shown when both

complete their moves. The aim of the game is to defeat the opponent's hero by reducing his health to zero. The game ends when a player destroys the other player's base or when a player runs out of cards in their deck and can no longer draw cards to play.