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Intergalactic space exploration


Join an epic space quest to find NFTs, tokens, and crafting loot.

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Go on a thrilling journey through intergalactic space to uncover rare and high-value resources.

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The full story

LandRocker offers an infinite universe for discovery, space exploration, and combat in a free-to-play, multiplayer game. Embark on missions across over 79 quintillion unique planets, each with distinct environments, ecosystems, and wildlife. Engage in battles against alien forces and gather rewards such as crypto tokens and crafting materials. The gameplay evolves with weekly updates, introducing new enemies, gear, and challenges. Each player's experience is shaped by their strategies, the assets they gather, and the choices they make, providing a continuously engaging play-to-earn environment.

Gameplay Overview

LandRocker features three main gameplay modes:

Play-to-Liberate: Players engage in high-intensity battles to liberate planets from alien control. This mode involves strategic combat and exploration, where successful liberation opens up new opportunities for players.

Play-to-Earn: Once a planet is liberated, players can mine it using specialized Rovers to gather valuable materials and blueprints. These resources are crucial for crafting new gear and upgrading existing equipment, driving the game's economy.

Play-to-Win: On specific planets, players can engage in high-stakes mining to uncover valuable cryptocurrency rewards. Utilizing smart contracts and ZK technology, the locations of these rewards are concealed, ensuring a fair and transparent gaming experience.

Unique Features

Infinite Universe: LandRocker allows players to explore over 79 quintillion unique planets, each with distinct environments, ecosystems, and wildlife. This infinite universe offers endless exploration opportunities, making each player's experience unique.

Dynamic Storytelling: LandRocker's storyline evolves based on player choices, introducing new enemies, gear, and challenges with each update. This ensures continuous engagement and dynamic gameplay.

Blockchain Integration: LandRocker leverages blockchain technology to enhance transparency and trust in its reward distribution. Smart contracts are used to conceal reward locations, ensuring equal chances for all players and eliminating any speculation or unfair practices.

Player Support and Accessibility

LandRocker is optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms, with a web-based Lite version available for quick, hassle-free mining. Comprehensive tutorials and guides are provided to help new players get started, and customer support is readily accessible for any issues or feedback.

LandRocker stands out in the P2E gaming landscape by offering a richly detailed, dynamic universe supported by a robust in-game economy and blockchain technology. With its extensive gameplay modes, unique features, and commitment to continuous development, LandRocker offers a comprehensive and engaging experience for gamers.