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Citizen Conflict

Citizen Conflict is a free to play hero shooter where your objective is to win in multiplayer battles against other players. Players can choose from a variety of game modes from classics like Free for all to team based Takeover or try their luck in Battle Royale for grand NFT prizes (coming early 2024).

Citizen Conflict is live. Play now!

Hero shooter Citizen Conflict is poised to bring the best of both worlds - to deliver the competitive heat symptomatic of high-intensity esports game modes while merging the Web2 quality with Web3 innovation. The game pushes players into the post-collapse dystopia of Ether Islands, where three antagonistic syndicates wage an unrelenting war for dominance. Its robust storyline revolves around distinct heroes across several classes who were blessed with special abilities and cursed with grim backgrounds. Citizen Conflict entices its growing player base with cyberpunk-style graphics, high-octane gameplay, and ample esports opportunities for all.

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Citizen Conflict: The Next-Gen Hero Shooter Blending Web2 and Web3