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The Last Monarchy

The Last Monarchy is a web3 strategy game set in multiple ancient worlds.

The Last Monarchy is live. Play now!

The game comprises innovative mechanics such as the ability to leverage in-game NFTs, and the opportunity to employ unique strategies and collaborate within clans, making it an engaging, continually evolving gaming landscape, build buildings and armies faster, have a higher attack, defense, or economy with certain NFTs.

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Welcome to The Last Monarchy!

This is a web3 game that takes you to the ancient world that saw mighty civilizations emerge, world wonders built, glorious dynasties reign and legendary heroes wage wars.

Your task is to bring your kingdom the title of The Last Monarchy while playing against other online players. You can secure that coveted title by strengthening your economy, raiding other players, developing diplomatic bonds by forming clans or - combining all of these tactics into one. There are no quick wins here, only the best strategists can get ahead.

In The Last Monarchy, the Regal Advisor AI functions as an intuitive guide, a mentor and a strategist, assisting players in carving out their legacy within the game.

  • Strategic Counsel: Offering insights and strategies for kingdom expansion and alliance formation.
  • Lore Master: Assisting players in unraveling the game's rich narratives and backstories.
  • Asset Manager: Guiding players in efficient blockchain asset management and wealth-building
  • Quest Guide: Helping with planning and navigating through various quests and adventures
  • Personalized Trainer: Aiding in skill development and offering strategies for improvement.
  • Real-Time FAQ and Support: Providing immediate assistance and solutions during gameplay.