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Galaxy Commanders

Galaxy Commanders is a competitive player versus player strategy game with immersive space battles and cooperative planetary conquests.

Galaxy Commanders is coming soon.

Galaxy Commanders is a real-time strategy game set in a sci-fi universe where players take command of their own space fleet. Engage in intense battles, deploy your custom deck of battleships and customizable units to outmaneuver and defeat opponents in both PvP and story-driven modes. The game offers deep gameplay, unique 3D graphics, and the integration of blockchain technology, allowing players to own and trade in-game assets as NFTs. With its competitive gameplay and immersive space theme, Galaxy Commanders provides an exciting sci-fi gaming experience that appeals to both casual gamers and enthusiasts who appreciate skill-based gameplay.

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From Halo to Fallout and Mass Effect, sci-fi games have long won over the hearts and wallets of a global audience of gamers. Recognizing its universal appeal, MagmaByte is adding a Web3 twist to this beloved genre with its upcoming game, Galaxy Commanders.

Set in an immersive 3D sci-fi universe, Galaxy Commanders is a real-time battle game where players take command of their own space fleet. With deep gameplay, unique 3D graphics, and the integration of blockchain technology, players are tasked with building formidable decks of battleships and customizable units, deploying them into fast-paced battles. 

The goal? Outmaneuver and defeat opponents’ ships by strategically allocating their fleet energy, units and skills. 

Whether in story-driven player vs. environment (PvE) mode or player-vs-player (PvP) matches, players also have the chance to earn performance-based rewards such as free-to-play battleships and in-game currencies.

But to bring this cosmic masterpiece to the masses, Galaxy Commanders must be supported by a robust technical foundation. 

With Immutable zkEVM, our EVM-compatible zk-rollup technology, Galaxy Commanders will support custom smart contract development, enabling advanced gameplay mechanics and tokenomics, while offering a cheaper, secure, and frictionless in-game asset trading experience.

“MagmaByte is thrilled to be partnering with Immutable, bringing Galaxy Commanders to their leading blockchain ecosystem. Our decision was guided by Immutable's robust focus on gaming and the genuine passion that their team brings to the table,” said Galaxy Commanders Founder, John Lee. Together, we hope to push the boundaries of Web3 games, making them accessible and exciting for a more expansive gaming community.” 

With a wealth of experience spanning 15 to 20 years in game development, MagmaByte, the force behind Galaxy Commanders, boasts an exemplary track record. This seasoned team has honed their craft at industry-leading companies including Nexon, Neowiz, EA, and NCSoft, contributing to the success of popular titles such as MapleStory Mobile, I Love Coffee, and Lost Ark.

Although still early in its development, the games’ roadmap promises a constellation of thrilling advancements. The journey has already begun with the launch of the teaser website and other major upcoming events are expected to be announced soon.

To achieve this vision, MagmaByte is currently in the midst of a highly anticipated investment round, with the renowned early-stage VC firm, Shima Capital, leading the way. This development has piqued considerable interest among other potential investors, underscoring the immense potential of Galaxy Commanders.

For more information on how Galaxy Commanders and Immutable are building the next great intergalactic Web3 game, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.