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Eyeball Pool

Eyeball Pool is a casual mobile pool game where the skillful can win collectible assets. Progress by waging soft currency in locations to build up your assets by unlocking loot boxes or by playing in tournaments and events to earn soft and hard currency.‍

Eyeball Pool is coming soon.

Eyeball Pool is launching its game in phases, first is an NFT gated multi-player game that gives you access to assets that you would never ever be able to get otherwise, starting with access to the web based beta. Once the stable version is launched, the game will be free to play and early access pass holders would be able to redeem a starter pack of NFTs and currency. The game in itself will be free to play, but you are encouraged to purchase currency packs and lootboxes to progress faster. Game play is 1-1, PvP and tournaments with an AI skill-matching engine.

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Between pool halls and digital games, billiards has long cemented itself as a historic past-time — with popular titles such as  ‘8 Ball Pool’ recording over 260 million hours of playtime monthly

Now, Eyeball Games is looking to elevate this classic genre with its upcoming Web3 enabled game, Eyeball Pool.

Eyeball Pool is a turn-based mobile pool game where players can choose from a variety of fun game modes, including 9 ball, 8 ball, mini-games and tournaments. The game will be free-to-play and the main objective for the player is to battle for collectable cue cards that can be turned into NFTs.  Each cue has different resiliency and efficiency attributes, which impact their degradation, yield, and rakeback capacities. 

From developing a top-tier game to creating collectable assets, Eyeball Games aims to onboard the next million Web3 players seamlessly. But to transform this vision into reality, the game must be built on the proper foundation. Using Immutable zkEVM, game developers can unlock custom smart contract capabilities and advanced gameplay mechanics and tokenomic functionalities. Meanwhile, Eyeball Pool players enjoy a secure and frictionless minting and trading experience at low costs.

“We believe that there’s power in partnering with a specialized chain vs. one that tries to fit all use cases,” says Jonatan Ivarsson, CEO of Eyeball Games. “Immutable works day and night to improve their gaming ecosystem, developer tooling, and publishing capabilities. This will allow us to go-to-market faster, reach greater audiences, and make player onboarding easier.”

Eyeball Games is a Singapore-based game studio composed of the original creators of 8 Ball Pool — the popular mobile pool game with 10 million daily active users, $100 million annual recurring revenue for Tencent, and the Guinness World Record for 1 billion downloads..

In January, Eyeball Pool completed a 30-minute sellout mint of 4,001 genesis NFTs called Balldroids Gen 0. Users who missed the drop will soon have another chance. The team is expanding the NFT series with the introduction of the multiplayer Phase 2 game. The Balldroid Gen 1 will act as an early access pass, and the NFTs will be launched on ImmutableX. 

In addition to gaining access to a closed multiplayer beta where they can win weekly rewards, Balldroid holders can claim exclusive game starter packs of NFT cues, currency, and an NFT season pass that unlocks a paid rewards path. Balldroid holders will also enjoy a perpetual ad-free experience when the mobile game is launched.

The full launch of Eyeball Pool on mobile devices is slated for Q1 2024, on Immutable zKEVM, after which the Immutable X NFTs will convert into exciting game starter packs with exclusive and unique items for the game. 

For more information on how Eyeball Pool and Immutable are creating the next hit pool shooter Web3 game, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.