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Formerly known as EPICS, KOLEX has reinvented trading cards and uses current technology to build the bridge between physical and digital collections, focused on esports players, teams, and streamers.

Example of digital collectibles of Kolex.

Fans can buy digital packs or physical cards which can be added to their digital collection by scanning a code on the card-back. The App also features game mechanics so players can compete with their collection.

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Epics, Kolex, and Immutable: The Ultimate Esports Digital Collectibles Platform

As we’ve seen with the red-hot sports card market, the nostalgia-driven love for trading cards will never die. But that doesn’t mean the user experience won’t change. 

Few companies know this better than Kolex. Created by co-founders Mark Donovan and Gavin Weeks, Kolex is the Los Angeles-based NFT publisher and platform provider behind NFT experiences for top consumer IPs such as DC Comics and Tencent, along with trading card games like Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering. 

Now, with the launch of Epics, Kolex is looking to transform the esports digital collectibles industry. is a digital trading card platform where users can purchase, trade, and build card collections of their favorite esports teams, players, and influencers. With Epics, collectors can combine cards to produce higher-tier cards and limited-edition cards redeemable for signed goods and sponsor merch.

Similar to NBA TopShot, each Epics NFT card features video highlights and specific player data, while leveraging the power of smart contracts to incorporate added utility and seamless trading on the Kolex marketplace. With collections updating in real-time, players can track the strength and rarity of their collections on global leaderboards. 

From day one, the goal for Epics has been to empower esports fans with true ownership over their digital assets and to connect them to their favorite players unlike ever before. After a long search, Epics finally found the perfect partner to help make this happen — Immutable. 

Using our powerful ZK-rollup scaling solution, Immutable will provide both Kolex and Epics users with a seamless, gas-free NFT minting and trading experience at speeds of up to 9,000 TPS. As the ecosystem continues to evolve, all Epics assets will be spread far and wide across all Immutable integrated marketplace like Immutable, Rarible, and TokenTrove.

And so far, Kolex success has been nothing short of, well, Epic. 

Kolex has attracted more than 600,000 collectors across all platforms, with 250 million collected Kolex NFTs, 28 million opened packs, and eight figures in annual sales and trading volume.

And as esports continues to skyrocket in popularity, these numbers are only expected to balloon. 

For more information on how Epics and Immutable are creating the best next-generation digital collectible card platform for esports fans, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.