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Tollan Worlds

Tollan Worlds is a “Diablo meets Stardew Valley” Online Action RPG. The game blends level-based co-op experience with roguelike-style dungeons to enhance replayability. Tollan Worlds features action dynamic gameplay with multi-dimensional thought-provoking storylines.

In Tollan Worlds, web3 components are used to create unique meta-gameplay loops and to strengthen relationships between the studio and a player base through transparency and verifiable scarcity. Tollan World's Genesis Avatar collection will give its holders access to bonus content, special in-game offers and discounts, exclusive cosmetics, and other rewards that will allow them to enjoy the game even more.

An in-game screenshot of a little cartoon garden beside a wooden house.
An in-game screenshot featuring a waterfall and trees
A screenshot of a room in a video game Tollan Worlds.
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Foretold Studios, the studio behind Tollan Worlds, was founded in November 2021 with a primary goal to re-imagine Pixel Art style. The main goal was to preserve its nostalgic feeling while adapting it for the modern audience. Our games are action, fast-paced, with multi-dimensional thought-provoking storylines to always keep players alert and let them define good and evil for themselves.

Main Features:

  1. Rogue-lite Elements with Integrity
  • A number of rogue-lite components allow players to experience unique encounters, mechanics and rewards each time they go through them. The amount of randomized content is balanced by the world’s integrity, immersing players in the overarching plot and major non-changing locations, creating a stronger connection between the game and the player.
  1. Customizable Classless Combat
  • The player’s combat style is defined by the weapons and magical abilities they use. By equipping a new weapon, or changing their active abilities, players can experience multiple gameplay styles while not losing their progression and starting over.
  1. Player-driven Economy
  • Players can set up public crafting stations, trading spots, and other local in-game services and digital real estate to earn in-game currency & resources in the form of tax by providing value to the community.
  1. Visual Style & Accessibility
  • Tollan Worlds has a unique pixel art visual style. While preserving its nostalgic feeling that evokes nostalgia among the more mature players it is also appealing to younger audiences through its distinction from the mainstream market.
  • Also, the pixel art style allows the action-packed game to become more accessible with less clutter on the screen while being able to run smoothly even on lower-tier devices, creating a perfect match for a cross-platform title.