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El Jefe Futbol

A Futbol Manager with all players on-chain. Choose your tactics in real pvp matches. Manage your ultimate team and train players to the top of your league.

El Jefe Futbol is coming soon.

Join an available league to start customising your team's skills, tactics and formation. Play against opponents and earn club rewards to climb your way to the top of the league.

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Sports Games are one of the biggest categories in gaming. In particular, soccer (or football) stands out, with franchises such as Fifa, and Soccer Manager dominating the market with hundreds of millions of copies sold worldwide. 

This category is about to experience a seismic shift, with Studio369's latest blockchain soccer management game, El Jefe Futbol. 

El Jefe Futbol offers players an immersive experience where they can join leagues, select their dream team, and train them to dominate on the field. The game is 100% fully on-chain, allowing players to upgrade their owned player NFTs over time, a stark contrast to other games where player stats remain static.

Each team in El Jefe Futbol has its own unique narrative. Players can craft strategies tailored to their team's strengths, giving them full control over their squad's development. This level of customization and progression is unparalleled, empowering players to share their success stories and inspire others.

Future updates promise even more depth, with plans to introduce multiple leagues and private leagues. Players can showcase their upgraded NFT players, and the NFT collection will expand to include improvements and equipment, further enhancing gameplay.

Studio369 brings decades of industry experience, with a team of UNREAL experts who have previously worked on hit titles such as Fortnite, The Walking Dead, Star Trek, Gears of War 3, MechWarrior 2, Nether, and Outpost Zero. Their core strengths lie in multiplayer dynamics, live operations, and community management, making them the perfect studio to bring El Jefe Futbol to life.

Matt Candler, CEO and President of Studio369, brings over two decades of gaming experience to the table. Having been at the forefront of gaming innovations since 1995, Matt's extensive background in producing, publishing, and funding games ensures that El Jefe Futbol is in capable hands.

The decision to integrate with Immutable's zkEVM technology was a strategic one. Matt Candler of Studio369 emphasized the importance of providing a seamless and efficient web3 gaming experience. Immutable's zkEVM offers unparalleled speed, scalability, and security, making it the ideal choice for a game as ambitious as El Jefe Futbol.

Immutable zkEVM is an EVM-compatible zk-rollup-based blockchain developed specifically to power the next generation of web3 games. It enables game developers to fully take advantage of custom smart contract development, advanced gameplay mechanics and tokenomics, while offering a cheaper, secure, and frictionless in-game asset trading experience.

Soccer fans can look forward to an exciting roadmap ahead. August marks a web2 beta launch, the introduction of in-game currency, and development of mobile ports while September heralds the much-anticipated zkEVM mainnet NFT primary sale and the potential integration of an embedded marketplace through AQUA.

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