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Infinite Victory

Infinite Victory is an arcade-action sports video game featuring three-on-three intense full-court basketball game pits athletes from all sports against one another in. These crossover athletes from baseball, hockey, football, and soccer have sport specific shots, dunks, jukes, and super moves called Ultimates, that create explosive game-changing moments.

Set in a digital world of the near future, Infinite Victory is an over-the-top action, high-flying arcade basketball game that provides a breakthrough gaming experience by bringing athletes from all sports onto the court. Create the ultimate team of athletes who can be the best at any sport they play.

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• Ever growing roster of purchasable/trainable/crossable athlete NFTs. If you own the NFT, you can play them in the game, build them up, and use them to create more exclusive athletes.


• Nuanced arcade controls that offer unprecedented levels of precision/player agency

• Highly repeatable, friendly competitive core gameplay loops

• Signature, cinematic, sport themed Ultimate Abilities, striking idealized character designs, and spectacular near future environments


• Single player gameplay with variable AI difficulty, fully playable offline

• Online multiplayer matchmaking and friend challenges