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Space Mavericks

Think Worms meets Angry Birds, then throw in a touch of League of Legends and Dota - That's the unique thrill of Space Mavericks. Experience artillery gaming on a whole new level with real-time multiplayer challenges, exclusive commanders, and strategic space battles.

Space Mavericks is coming soon.

NFTs are cosmetics in Space Mavericks such as skins, avatars, effects & more. Players can earn NFTs through the seasonal battle pass or purchase them through the in-game store. 

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Game Overview

Space Mavericks is a real-time multiplayer game developed by FireGecko Studio, recreating the classic artillery-style shooting. It combines the gameplay of artillery games like Worms and Angry Birds with the strategic elements of MOBAs such as League of Legends or Dota.

Players can choose from a variety of commanders with unique abilities and join battles in space. The game is cross-platform and will be available on Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.


Let's learn about the different game modes you can play and the commanders you can use in the game and find the ones that suit your playstyle.

Battle Royale - PvP

In this battle royale, 8 players start at random locations where they must fight each other and be the last person standing to win. The environment presents significant challenges, and even slight adjustments in aim can either lead you to glory or result in your downfall.

Boss Fight – PvE

In a Boss fight, players must team up with up to 4 members to face off against and battle the bosses of the Oen Empire. Level up in this mode to unlock new bosses. As you progress, the difficulty escalates, accompanied by a corresponding increase in-game rewards.


Players can choose from 4 commanders in the game, each offering a distinct set of unique abilities.


Goliath has the most health among all commanders, making it ideal for close-range battles. Its strong skill, the Antimatter Bomb, creates high gravity that affects the trajectory of attacks and enemy movement. Its ultimate ability, Big Bomb, deals massive damage in its area of attack but takes time to reach the target.


DX7 is a well-balanced commander ready for every situation. Its strong skill, the Round Burst, fires 5 shots at once, dealing massive damage to the target. Its ultimate, Berserk, allows it to use skills with no heat limitation.


Salomea is the perfect Commander for those who revel in characters wielding poison. Her strong attack causes enemies to be briefly unable to move, which works perfectly alongside her ultimate ability, the Nuclear Bomb. This bomb spreads radiation in the targeted area, dealing damage over time.


Locus is a specialized sniper who prefers to engage from a distance, inflicting greater damage with longer shots. His ultimate ability is Teleportation, enabling him to swiftly change locations and maintain powerful attacks from a safe distance.

Getting Started

As of now, Space Mavericks is still under development and not yet available to the public. However, the FireGecko Studio team frequently hosts Game Nights on their Discord server for those interested in trying out the MVP version of the game. 

You can also register on their official website to become one of the first Mavericks!