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Turn-Based Rpg

The Lost Glitches

The Lost Glitches is a multiplayer-play-to-earn trading card game with a deep emphasis on long-lasting fun, immersive storytelling, and digital ownership

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The game consists of five syndicates, each syndicate being fundamentally different from the others. Select your character and syndicate wisely, as this will define the direction of your play style. In The Lost Glitches you’re building your deck with an army of Glitches and spells around your character and fighting to expand your syndicate’s territory in turn based combat.

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Web3 Card Game The Lost Glitches Launches Exclusively on ImmutableX

Following backing from the German Government's $72 million German Bundestag Gaming Fund

SYDNEY, Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Immutable, the leading web3 gaming company and Honig Studios, a game developer known for highly acclaimed titles such as El Hijo - A Wild West Tale, have today announced that upcoming web3-native trading card game (TCG) The Lost Glitches is launching exclusively on ImmutableX.

The Lost Glitches card game combines extensive role-playing elements with physical trading cards, with an emphasis on fun, replayability, immersive storytelling, and full digital ownership of collectibles. Its launch was expedited thanks to funding secured from the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure's $72 million German Bundestag gaming fund. The Fund was established to bolster the regional video game industry.

In selecting ImmutableX, a gas-free Ethereum Layer-2 scaling platform for their infrastructure and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Honig Studios can offer players unparalleled usability and engaging experiences while retaining Ethereum-grade security.

The Immutable ecosystem now boasts some of the most popular NFT card trading games in the industry, including Gods Unchained, CryptoSpells, Goons of Balatroon, Cross the Ages, Deviants' Factions, which are proving to be one of the most resilient pockets of the NFT market at the moment. With NFT sales volume on ImmutableX for Q4 expected to outperform Q3 by an estimated 16%, according to CryptoSlam.

"The demand for NFT trading card games on Immutable is exceptionally high at the moment," said Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development for ImmutableX. "We're delighted to be adding another high-quality title to our line up. We are not only able to offer the widest range of TCGs, but we can provide a premium experience for players, delivering a versatile, engaging, and rewarding ecosystem full of fun and entertainment."

Lost Glitches offers a player-versus-player multiplayer mode, together with beginner-friendly tutorials, single-player campaigns, quests, and other competitive events.

As well as collecting cards to use in combat, players will also be able to level-up their characters with each battle and choose how to upgrade their skills tree to customize the gameplay. The game offers numerous ways to victory thanks to strategic allocation of skill points while cards can be used to create powerful combinations. This blend of accessibility and depth will ensure a unique experience for both casual and hardcore players.

"Beyond creating and immersing players in the unique and rich cyberpunk atmosphere of The Lost Glitches world, we also want to make education and onboarding of new players to web3 a fun and easy-to-understand experience," said The Lost Glitches founder Alexey Ivanov. "This is why we're excited to be partnering with IMX, a platform fully dedicated to gaming, as ImmutableX will help us to easily integrate these aspects."

Honig Studios has over 10 years of experience in game development. Its previous title — El Hijo - A Wild West Tale (2020) released for PC, Switch, Playstation, Xbox, Stadia, iOS, and Android — received several awards, including Gamescom Best Indie Game, a German Computer Game Award, and Apple TV Game Of The Year. Previous Honig Studios titles have also received critical acclaim and awards such as the Red Dot Design Award, a Digital Emmy nomination, the GIGA Mouse, and others.

Previously, Honig Studios successfully funded The Lost Glitches via a 10K PFP NFT collection that sold out in August, 2021, earning roughly $2.4 million at time of sale, as well as from secondary market royalties (roughly $5 million in total traded volume).

The first set of 400 cards for The Lost Glitches, called "Memories," will be dedicated to the lost memories of all Glitches. A first limited edition drop of booster packs will be released in December. The game will initially launch for PC and Mac on Steam and Epic Games Store in Q1 2024, with mobile and console versions soon to follow.

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About Honig Studios

Honig Studios is an award-winning production company consisting of developers, designers, strategists, writers, digital producers and film producers working together to create innovative interactive experiences and intellectual properties. Although we are digitally minded, we've created and produced TV shows, web experiences, online shows, mobile experiences, games, interactive installations and visual identities. We love to be astonished by inspiring visuals, or challenged to think more about new stories. From children's stories to powerful visual storytelling. From documentaries to TV shows. From branded entertainment to interactive videos. From full-length films to web films.
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