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Supremacy is a revolutionary sustainable metaverse game, where AI-controlled War Machines destroy each other in a 24/7 Battle Arena. In the year 2149, governments have fallen and the world is a battleground for the AI-run factions. Pledge your allegiance to your faction, influence their battles and earn.

SUPS tokens are your economic power in the Supremacy game, from voting and influencing the war through in-game purchases in the Battle Arena to buying War Machine NFTS and in later phases supporting the entire in-game economy as goods, services and progress is sold for SUPS tokens.Journey into the heart of the Supremacy world and if you can survive, the game rewards will bring glory to your fight.

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With the much-anticipated updates to the Battle Arena, players can experience the world of Supremacy in a way that promotes more faction teamwork and collaborative support.

Now with the introduction of Supremacy Proving Grounds, regular Supremacy fans and first-time players can explore the new features and compete for prize pools.

In fact, the Proving Grounds can be seen as a triple-win situation, as players are given free rein to play-test and try out the new features while participating in competitions to win real SUPS.

The third win comes to the Supremacy project itself, as player feedback is taken on board quickly and fed back to developers to make quick adjustments to critical gameplay mechanisms.

According to Community Manager, Steve Marsh: “The community relationship with Supremacy is vital, so useful suggestions we receive from our players, we capture and build upon, according to broad player sentiment.”

Regular Prize Pools

Proving Grounds comes with an impressive prize pool of 150,000 $SUPS. While this version of the game is live, players can battle it over periods of 48 hours. After each period, a snapshot is taken, and the highest scoring player receives 1,500 $SUPS, one Nexus mech crate and two Nexus weapon crates.

After thirty rounds of the Proving Grounds, the player with the most points will be crowned victorious and awarded 75,000 $SUPS, while the second and third place runner-ups will receive 25,000 $SUPS.

There are also additional prizes of 500 $SUPS to the players who scored the most abilities, mech kills, and repairs in each 48-hour reset period. This results in an opportunity for every player to benefit from playing and testing out new features for the game’s development.

Mech Repair System

With the implementation of the repair system, mechs can now be damaged in the Battle Arena and the condition of the mech will inform the starting percentage of the War Machine’s healing.

War Machines that are damaged to a level below fifty percent will also need to be fixed through the tower-stacker mini-game in order to be deployed in the field. By timing blocks accurately and sustaining lesser damage when in the Battle Arena, players will be able to repair their mechs at a faster rate.

Alternatively, players who are anxious to be back in the field can hire other players to repair their War Machines for them through the job board. Payment is defined by the player and competitive pricing can serve as an incentive for a repair job to be undertaken.

The repair mechanism is an example of how Supremacy is creating a broader game economy, linking consumer and producer in a symbiotic relationship that will expand considerably as the game moves towards the real-time grand strategy game.

Player Abilities

The introduction of new player abilities is also helping to redefine how the game is played. Every ten minutes, spectators will be given the opportunity to choose one of three free abilities and can purchase an additional ability using $SUPS. Players will need to consider their teammates’ position and employ strategic moves when activating their abilities in the Battle Arena to provide well-timed aid to their faction.

Players seeking to attack enemy War Machines can utilize the EMP ability to briefly prevent the advancement of enemy mechs as well as use the Hacker Drone ability to temporarily halt the targeting system of the nearest War Machines.

Players can also take advantage of the changing camera perspectives to expose an enemy War Machine’s location with the Drone Camera ability and employ the Blackout ability to disable their navigation.

Defensive measures can also be undertaken with the Shield Overdrive ability which airdrops a shield buff to the field for War Machines to pick up. The Incognito ability can also be applied to hide a teammate’s location from the mini-map.

GABS Abilities

The GABS ability system has also been updated to not require any $SUPS and will be available to all three factions. Players will now have the option to opt-in for a chance to fire the ability in the Battle Arena, with a maximum of three players allowed for Repair or Landmines, two players for Airstrike and one player for Nuke.

With the implementation of these new abilities, Supremacy’s players will need to navigate the action-packed landscape of Supremacy while avoiding incoming attacks from off-field players.

“The new abilities certainly change the dynamics of the game,” says Steve March, “a lot of players have been enjoying it and it certainly adds more strategy to the gameplay which is fantastic.”

New Battle Arena Maps

Fans of Supremacy’s futuristic designs can also expect an enhanced visual experience when undertaking the new Battle Arena maps.

CloudKu9 is Supremacy’s first floating city Battle Arena. Positioned three kilometers high, this circular platform hovers over the Zaibatsu island of Hokkaido and presents a unique challenge to players more used to ground battles.

The Hive is also a much-anticipated map and consists of unpredictable tile and wall movements. Players will need to learn how to adapt and exploit the instability of their surroundings to win.

Featuring a lush, forested environment, players can enjoy battling it out in the tranquil map of Aokigahara, also known as the Sea of Trees. In contrast, the neon streets of the Kazuya City map provide a more balanced battlefield for War Machines to fight in.

Finally, the raw expanse of Red Mountain desert territory comes to the fore in IronDust 5, which provides players with the opportunity to experiment with different ways to approach and attack enemy War Machines.

Supremacy Roadmap

As usual, the team at Supremacy has kept a rapid pace with the impressive rollout of new features and landscapes for this futuristic mech battler.

Looking at the project’s whitepaper and roadmap, however, it’s clear the team has many more features in mind that will continue to keep players coming back for more, including its FPS release and Real-Time Grand Strategy game.

With the rapid development cycles and continuing release of Nexus game features, be sure to stay tuned and look out for more updates from Supremacy.

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