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New Ganymede

New Ganymede is not a metaverse, but rather the first truly interoperable world within the metaverse. Designed to bridge the gap between Web3 games and experiences,

New Ganymede will be implementing the world’s first interoperable season pass system – The New Ganymede Passport. In the spirit of free-to-play, passport holders can earn seasonal rewards from an ever-expanding list of games, applications, and communities partnered with Metakey.

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A bustling hub of trade, travel, entertainment and culture, built upon a metaversal bridge in the early 2020s. Now — several decades later — it has become a bastion for decentralized humanity living on the blockchain, besieged and blockaded by an interstellar corporate monopoly (SOLAR). Here we find the home of the disruptive Metakey-holders, the swashbuckling Metakrew, and many of their allies and rivals.

Not Another Metaverse…

New Ganymede is not a Metakey metaverse. In fact, we don’t believe in metaverses. Walled gardens or silos for every brand, distinct games or worlds that just happen to be built on the blockchain but only integrate their own NFTs — many builders are using the “Metaverse” buzz-word to market these initiatives. This is a mistake.

There is only one Metaverse — the interconnection of all physical, digital and virtual spaces. It is defined by interoperability; it grows in the spaces between these silos, and along the bridges which break through them.

The Metakey is your access to premium rewards. The Metakrew is your cosmetic identity.

New Ganymede is where you collect; the home for our brand and community; the proof of our vision; the gravity well for new players and high-caliber partnerships to the Metakey; the bridge to the brightest worlds in the Metaverse.

This is where we start.

New Ganymede is a world in the Metaverse; but more importantly it is a catalyst for interoperability — the first truly interoperable virtual world; developed and published in-house by the Metakey.

Collaboration is key. The Metaverse is not a zero-sum game, and New Ganymede is non-competitive — every world in the Metaverse has its own strengths and specializations. Decentraland excels in hosting virtual events and conferences; The Sandbox over-delivers in fun and frantic exploration quests for both user-generated and legacy brands; OnCyber offers seamless and accessible NFT showcasing.

Rather than flailing in redundancy trying to compete with these platforms, New Ganymede supports, elevates and connects them.


The New Ganymede Passport

Season Passes are a staple of the gaming industry — you invest time in a game and receive commensurate rewards, with free and premium tracks.

What if they were interoperable?

What if playing any game could advance you along a Season Pass? What if this Pass in turn dispensed rewards that could be used in any of these games, from a variety of brands? What if you weren’t just rewarded for playing, but for consuming content; completing educational courses in the Metakademy; contributing to the community?

This is the New Ganymede Passport, the world’s first interoperable season pass — offering seasonal rewards for and from an ever-expanding list of games, apps and communities partnered with the Metakey.

You can collect the Passport in New Ganymede at any point during the current season, and you can return to New Ganymede at any time to collect the rewards you have earned.

The New Ganymede demo will launch with a proof-of-concept Passport Season 0 — interoperable with New Ganymede (of course), Decentraland, the Sandbox, and key partnerships to be announced closer to release.

There will be reward tracks for Metakrew-holders (cosmetic-focused), Metakey-holders (land, utility and Edition-specific rewards), and a free track for anyone and everyone interested in receiving rewards for exploring and engaging with the Metaverse.

What about a token for Metakey-holders, and tokenomics for earning via the Passport? What about it indeed…

Season 1 will launch post-demo.

Inter-Metaversal Fast-Travel

The Metakey’s lore has always revolved around the concept of “Keyhole” portals which allow us to fast-travel between different worlds in the Metaverse. This is no longer hypothetical. We hold large estates with ever-expanding experiences in The Sandbox, Decentraland and many other worlds — you will be able to fast-travel across the Metaverse from New Ganymede, beginning with these spaces. You will also be rewarded for your inter-metaversal expeditions via the Passport.

True Interoperability

Many pfp projects have endeavored to make their avatars interoperable by airdropping more NFTs compatible with different worlds/games. This is an excellent goal, but often a poor method.

We don’t want more NFTs — we want less, with concentrated value.

We don’t want a ghost of the Metakey on every L2 — we want one that bridges to all.

Airdropping Decentraland and The Sandbox versions of an avatar to holders only fractures the value of the original NFT and decimates its future utility. If you resell your pfp after receiving these airdrops, potential buyers know that the asset has already been juiced of a significant portion of its value.

This is the easy way to sustain short-term interest; but not for us. Instead, the entire Metakrew collection is being bridged to Decentraland and The Sandbox natively — Holders will be able to play as their Krewmates in these spaces without the requirement of additional NFTs. Whether you buy a Krewmate today, or in ten years, you will have this utility baked into the original NFT.

This is just the beginning. The Metakey and Metakrew collections will be bridged to more worlds; and other assets will be bridged to New Ganymede — partnered pfp collections, legacy Metakey airdrops, and more.

What to do in New Ganymede?

Of course, New Ganymede isn’t just a hub for socializing, traveling and collecting rewards — it’s also a hub for fun, rewarding and massively replayable gaming! The demo represents the foundational layer of mechanics, systems and assets for this ecosystem, along with an introduction to the first loop — a frenetic, multiplayer PVE (player-versus-environment) ARPG.

Our expectation is for New Ganymede to attract considerable and consistent interest by new partners, investors and players to the Metakey ecosystem; and through it, to the wider interoperable Metaverse.

In future, we will be able to play loops across multiple genres within New Ganymede. We’re ideating on PVP arenas; Battle Royale; racing; turn-based tactics; pet collection/battling; and many more.

The demo and Season 0 will also include the first wave of New Ganymede player housing/land ownership! Plots will be limited and Metakey-holder exclusive, so please look forward to further details on how to score one.

With this foundation established, future games will become exponentially easier for us to develop, limited only by the imagination of our team and community.

What’s Next?

New Ganymede’s first open multiplayer demo is anticipated to launch in Q4–Q1. In the meantime, you can catch regular updates on systems and gameplay via Metakey Twitter, YouTube, Discord and Twitch. Our first Dev Log is scheduled for the coming week. Expect exclusive pre-alpha playtesting opportunities for Metakey-holders and pre-release media tours closer to launch.