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Battle Royale

Hunters Arena

Hunter’s Arena is a multiplayer PvP & PvE melee combat-based Battle Royale set in the ancient Asia.

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Hunter’s Arena’s combat system resembles fighting action of a martial arts film. The core gameplay centers around aerial combos against enemies and decisively countering your opponent to turn the fight around.

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In Ancient Asia

Once existing peace was shattered as demons started to appear in the world.​

Sensing great danger, Hunters around the world gathered as one to bring an end to chaos.​

However, they came to a shocking truth that none other than one of their own, a Hunter, has freed the demons into the world.​

With no one to trust, Hunters now must fight off demons as well as point blades at each other.​

Art of Timing and Decision Making

Hunter’s Arena’s combat system resembles fighting action of a martial arts film.

​It all comes down to timing and making quick decisions in a fast-paced battle.​Become the ultimate Hunter by mastering the art of Counter and Parry to slay your enemy!​

Three Modes for Survival

There are three modes available in Hunter’s Arena: Solo, Trio, and Tag Match.

Solo mode is a 30-player free for all where you must defeat everything.

In Trio mode, you will enter the arena along with your friends or other players as a team of three.

Tag Match is a special mode where we put your survival skills aside A Deadly Battle Towards Last Man Standing

As a skillful Hunter, you may temporarily cooperate with other Hunters or betray them to your advantage.

The choices are yours but it all comes down to one ultimate goal.

Prove yourself as the ultimate Hunter by surviving in the mystical and dangerous world of Hunter’s Arena!

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