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VeeFriends is a transmedia, entertainment, and events company consisting of 283 characters drawn and created by Gary Vaynerchuk. VeeFriends characters are based on qualities and traits Gary hopes to inspire in others and were brought to life through Web3 technology. VeeFriends IP was minted on the ethereum blockchain to create unprecedented opportunities for utility, collectibility, and community building.

Book Games is a collection of 125,000 NFTs on Immutable X, a layer-2 solution on the Ethereum Network. To receive one, buyers purchased 12 or more copies of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Twelve and a Half: Leveraging the Emotional Ingredients Necessary for Business Success. Every Book Games token is a burnable asset that can be exchanged for another digital asset with potential to include access, physical items, and other benefits.

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VeeFriends is an NFT collection of 10,255 animal-inspired visuals hand-drawn by Garyvee that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Gary Vaynerchuk, a world-renowned serial entrepreneur, and speaker expect that the non-fungible token’s (NFT) era as purely collectible assets is coming to an end. According to him, the world will soon demand NFTs that can offer valuable utilities such as services and experiences; in other words, clear usefulness in one’s life. And this belief was showcased by his much anticipated digital asset collection, which is packed with many utilities for holders online and offline.


Gary Vaynerchuk, more popularly known as ‘GaryVee,’ knew that the only way to leverage the evolution of technology is to be part of it, just like what he did in the early days of the internet and on its eventual progress to web 2.0. Now, he is doing the same proven method by learning web 3.0, not as a bystander, but as an actual practitioner, through his NFT collection. He is doing this not only to learn but be an educator for everyone who intends to enter into this new space and tap its hidden potential.

What is VeeFriends?

VeeFriends is an NFT collection of 10,255 animal-inspired visuals hand-drawn by Garyvee that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection, minted on ERC-721 compliant contracts, is divided into three categories, called ‘Access,’ ‘Gift,’ and ‘Admission,’ each with different quantities and unique offerings. All these tokens will offer holders three-year access to Vaynerchuk’s annual ‘Veecon’ Conference.

Important Reminders

The collection’s official website reminded holders that while the VeeFriends NFTs would remain forever, their additional underlying benefits, such as admissions, access, and gifts, will only last until May 4, 2024. VeeFriends also clarified that there is no royalty collection mechanism in the project due to regulatory and legal reasons. Furthermore, holders cannot sell or distribute any merchandise with VeeFriends designs and characters on them, as these elements are the intellectual property of the collection.

Social Responsibilities

The collection is now available on OpenSea and Rarible, and every purchase of VeeFriends on these marketplaces gives the project a 10% royalty, of which 1% would go to Gary’s chosen charity.

To combat the environmental impacts of NFT transactions, it has also pledged to donate to decentralized organizations (DAOs) that focus on renewable energy such as solar and wind power. Furthermore, it will support the development of ETH 2.0, which will soon use the more environment-friendly Proof-of-Stake (POS) mechanism.

Three Categories of Tokens

Access Tokens

Access Tokens are probably the most interesting type of token in the collection as they allow holders to interact with GaryVee directly. 300 such tokens are available in the collection and have various types of access to Vaynerchuk: 210 tokens provide virtual access, while the remaining 90 give in-person privileges. These access tokens have four more divisions called ‘Group Access,’ ‘One-To-One Access,’ ‘Competition Access,’ and ‘Scholarship Access.’

Access Token Types Privileges Group Access Allows holders to meet Gary Vee and fellow token owners personally. One-to-One Access One-on-one time with Vaynerchuk Competition Access Allows holders a chance to redeem a time to play with Gary in a specific game. Scholarship AccessGives holders a chance to access mentorship and coaching from Gary.
(A holder must first apply to get access to this token)

Gift Tokens

Gift Tokens, which has 555 supplies in the collection, opens holders to gifting privileges personally created by Gary Vee himself.

Admission Tokens

Admission Tokens, which have 9,400 supplies, are divided into two levels called ‘Core’ and ‘Limited,’ each equipped with different levels of rarity and collectability.

Gary “GOO” Collection

“GOO,” which stands for ‘Gary’s Original Ownership,’ is a set of tokens made by the global icon as a personal collection, each pinned with a GOO Badge, to publicly authenticate his original ownership to incoming holders.

‘VeeCon’ Conference

VeeCon is a four-day mega-conference that centers around NFT, pop culture, business, entrepreneurship, and marketing. The event, exclusive for VeeFriends holders, had its inaugural run last May 19-22, 2022, at the U.S Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, and was dubbed the first-ever NFT-ticketed event.

Multiple VeeFriends holders also had the privilege of having more than one admission to the event. The number of NFTs they own determines the number of passes they will get for the event. For example, Three VeeFriends = Three passes.

Copied from a Children’s Book?

Last month, the collection, or rather Gary himself, was caught in a controversy involving one of VeeFriends’ NFTs having significant similarities with the characters of a specific children’s book.

In a social media post, two of his NFT characters, named ‘Determined Dolphin’ and ‘Gratitude Gorilla’, were paired beside two animals seen in the ‘Treasure of Life,’ a series of children’s books authored by Karen Ritchie.

These animals have the names ‘Determination the Dolphin’ and ‘Gratitude the Gorilla’, which, at first glance, seem to be the direct inspiration of Vaynerchuk, which he immediately denied. He clarified that the close similarities between the names are mere coincidence, and if there is any inspiration he should credit, it is the children’s book called ‘Sweet Pickles’, where he learned English.


Fanatics Collectibles x GaryVee

Fanatics Collectibles has collaborated with VeeFriends to launch ‘zerocool,’ the first trading card set that highlights the biggest icons in entertainment, pop culture, and the art industry. Collectibles is a subsidiary of Fanatics, an American sports retailer that sells merchandise, including sportswear, equipment, and trading card games.

Zerocool’s first set of physical trading cards are based on VeeFriends’ NFT characters and had exciting bidding called ’Blind Dutch Auction,’ a process that ensures transparency, fair process, and equal access. The VeeFriends trading cards are printed on high-grade 36-point paper, with special holographic foils, metallic etched foil stamp, soft-touch coating, Spot Glass UV, and encased in a white wooden box.

Johnnie Walker x Gift Token

Johnnie Walker, a globally recognized whiskey brand, has partnered with the VeeFriends through its parent company DIAEGO, Scotland’s biggest exporter of Scotch whisky. Through this collaboration, holders of the “Gift Goat NFT,” the collection’s Gift Token, will receive unique gifts sponsored by Johnnie Walker. It has also offered holders a special activation at the VeeCon event that gave them a more immersive experience during the conference.


Gary Vaynerchuk has integrated a series of carefully selected utilities into his collection and leveraged his star power to help it become one of today’s most successful NFT assets. While a world of 100% utility-based NFTs is not yet here, his VeeFriends collection has already given us a glimpse of what this future would look like, which, looks exciting.

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