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Aglet is the first location-based, virtual shopping game for sneakerheads! Join gamers worldwide who are exploring their cities, earning in-game currency and building the sickest, most holiest of Grail sneaker collections ever seen.

Aglet is live. Play now!

The game that turns your physical steps into Aglet, their in-game currency, which you can use to buy and collect virtual sneakers from brands like New Balance, ASICS, and Adidas (to name a few).

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Aglet and Immutable: Creating a Move-To-Earn Digital Sneaker Economy

Sneakers have long transcended their initial purpose, quickly becoming an international staple of culture, activity, and self-expression.


Now, Aglet is looking to bring this magic onto the blockchain. 

A brainchild of Onlife co-founders Ryan Mullins and Owen Batt, Aglet is a location-based, move-to-earn, virtual shopping game for sneakerheads, designed to motivate users to live an active lifestyle. 

The goal? Help collectors stay active while building out their digital and physical sneaker collections. 

Much like the gaming phenomenon Pokemon Go, Aglet uses location services to track players' movement while using the app. While exploring the real world wearing “digital sneakers,” players' physical steps are converted into an in-game currency called Aglet Coins, which can then be used to buy and collect more virtual sneakers from top brands like New Balance, Asics, and Adidas. During these strolls, players can also find treasure stashes, virtual sneakers, and even win limited edition physical sneakers. 

Deeply aligned with Aglet’s emphasis on digital ownership, Immutable provides Aglet users with instant and gas-free NFT trading at speeds of up to 9,000 TPS, all while maintaining the battle-tested security of the Ethereum blockchain. Immutable will soon distribute Aglet assets across all Immutable-compatible marketplaces, adding further liquidity and awareness to the Aglet ecosystem. 

So far, the community response has been overwhelming. 

Following its successful NFT drop in May 2022, the app ranked number 1 in Japan and was also well-received in Ukraine. Within two months of the release, Aglet hit around 3.5 million active users, while their in-app purchases increased by 80 times. 

And the team hasn’t slowed down since. Over the last six months, Aglet has dropped its own physical sneakers, launched both digital and IRL sneaker shops, and held an exclusive ‘Steptember’ event with Adidas Originals.

At the event, players wore special in-game Adidas sneakers and competed for first place on an international leaderboard. The top steppers in the competition won IRL NMD S1s and IRL Aglet Ones. 

And this is only the beginning. As Aglet continues to evolve into an established metaverse commerce provider, Immutable will be there every step of the way. 

“We continue to partner with Immutable because they provide trusted advice and support based on their proven track record in Web3,” said Aglet’s Chief of Staff Aaren Cristini. “Their proactive engagement is focused on delivering meaningful results, which, combined with the quick responsiveness of our Partner Success Manager, put them ahead of the rest.”

For more information on how Aglet and Immutable are building the first move-to-earn, virtual sneaker shopping game, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.