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Resurgence is a free-to-play title, set 1000 years into the future. Establish your role on a post-apocalyptic earth years after a cataclysmic ecological disaster, as Survivors return from their cryogenic refuge to find a beautiful, reborn planet in need of recolonization.

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Launched by a veteren team of game builders (Playstation, EA, Activision) Emergent Entertainment takes you on a journey into the new world of Resurgence. A post-apocalyptic open world crafting survival game for players to own, explore and collaborate.

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Beyond Crypto — Blockchain is Game Changing

Aside from the “play-to-earn,” model (where gamers can literally make a living playing a game) what do you see as the top benefits of blockchain for gamers?

Emergent Games is led by a team who have been focused on making great video games and technology for a long time, constantly embracing new ideas to enhance player experience and creating deeply immersive worlds

Therefore with all of our games, player experience will always be paramount . Resurgence is being developed with a ‘game first’ mentality which will never waiver. All decisions, be it design or technology are taken with that in mind.

Our games are intended to be fun and hugely engrossing with lively committed communities. There will be a option to engage with the play–to-earn mechanic, but it will be self-directed and will not affect the richness of your experience if you don’t engage with this aspect. We want our players to make choices that enhance their personal gaming experience. Some like completely escaping in game lore, some like grinding out quests, missions, collecting artifacts, not just for their own satisfaction, but to receive recognition from their communities. As recent technologies have emerged, players are able to turn this invested time into something of real-world value (via the acquisition of tokens and NFTs). That value could come from trading things they discover, craft or purchase, or by contributing to their community or clan.

For some, financial rewards are motivating and can enrich the game play experience. Other players will be more focused on community and reciprocity through collaborative exploration of the world we are building.

For me, there are two critical areas for gamers.

Choice: Play the game as you wish. We’re making a deep and rich AAA free to play MMOPRG. The crafting, avatar and inventory system just happens to be on the blockchain. You don’t need to buy, build or trade anything, but you can if you want to (and this offers specific benefits).

Community: One of the cornerstones of many successful MMORPGs is to encourage the formation of communities in which you can compete and collaborate. We’re talking about a hostile world! You’re going to need friends. It’s going to be tough to make it on your own, though not impossible.

How are Emergent Games going to incorporate blockchain tech into their games?

Every in-game item that exists on the blockchain will be of use to the player and offer specific benefits. Some are commonplace and plentiful, some have a fixed supply/rarity and some totally unique. The crafting system is another layer of what can be rewarded and found.

We are developing games to benefit individual players and the wider community, be they pure gamers, pure crypto fans or somewhere in between. This is a mass appeal AAA game with items (and the in-game crypto token as our in-game crypto currency) that can be found, quested for, rewarded, crafted and bought. All of these items can be used in game, traded to other players in-game or on external secondary markets.

In crafting, we also have the idea of burnable NFTs and tokens that can be used to programmatically generate a brand new item. There may be 1000 possible M4 variant rifles, yet each is unique as they are generated from a list of properties and traits that affect their utility and aesthetic. But players have to find the components to make them and apply the knowledge. They could even trade the components or the final product. It’s up to them!

These are not necessarily new mechanics in the MMORPG or NFT space. In Resurgence, items just happen to exist on the blockchain. Essentially they help players be more successful, build communities, create competitions and partnerships globally and enhance the player’s hero persona, with the bonus for players to actually own in perpetuity everything they achieve from the time and energy they have invested in our games. .