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PlanetQuest is a universe-spanning blockchain-based game of exploration, survival & discovery, with a decentralized storyline & a powerful Play-to-Own economy.

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Teaming up with players co-operatively or choosing versus mode, players will encounter exotic life forms and rare alien artifacts through battles that secure their factions and resources. Players have full ownership and control over the future lore and long-term strategy surrounding the PlanetQuest universe and can vote on these decisions as a community.

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PlanetQuest & Immutable X join forces in a Radically Different Approach to Player Ownership

PlanetQuest is a multiverse-spanning game of exploration, survival & discovery. After coming out of stealth on December 15, 2021, this innovative project has already built a massive fan base of over 200,000 Explorers. The creation of this cinematic multiverse is led by talent from Hollywood and the Games Industry, who share a vision of the future of entertainment. Naturally, the project is also backed by top tier investors.

The vision behind PlanetQuest is clear: to build the first cinematic multiverse alongside a vibrant community that participates in its conception from the start. Community members and fans are treated to the stunning works of renowned writers, video game developers, and artists who have previously worked on IPs from Marvel and Star Wars to Game of Thrones and are now laying the foundation for PlanetQuest.

As part of the community, fans participate in votes that could decide the fate of the universe in the episodic storyline which is already being novelized, and perhaps just as exciting, are given the chance to own entire planets and in-game items that will play a key role in the upcoming PlanetQuest video game.

“PlanetQuest’s premise of being able to actually own, explore and survive on vast unknown planets in a rich sci-fi universe, built by Hollywood talent, is something gamers have been dreaming of for ages. We’re excited to see game pioneers like PlanetQuest choosing Immutable X, the most advanced NFT scaling technology, to help them realize their vision of crypto gaming at a massive scale.” Robbie Ferguson, co-founder of Immutable.

Join the PlanetQuest community to stay fully up to date with the latest developments of this exciting project. Whether you are interested in the constantly expanding lore of their multiverse, exclusive gameplay updates or fun community activities and content, the PQ Discord server offers it all. Join now at, and be sure to follow then on their social media channels for even more updates and content:

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