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Peanut Games

Peanut Games is the first Web3 gaming studio focusing on F2P mobile games where players can experience interoperability between games.

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Compete against players in a colorful puzzle royale of simple good and evil chaos. Choose from a diverse cast of powerful robots and engage in exhilarating battles to claim victory. Crush your foes with perfectly timed skills, unique abilities, and superior tactics.

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The team behind Peanut Games is on a mission to change the Web3 gaming ponzinomics industry and develop actually fun games. It's composed of an international team of gamers and builders that have joined hands to create the next generation of F2P mobile games.

Peanut Games is out to revolutionize the industry by creating the next generation of free-to-play mobile games via Web3. Since starting in 2021, Peanut Games has grown into a vibrant community of crypto natives, gamers, and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Immutable X, a gaming blockchain platform known for its relationship with GameStop, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Peanut Games. The first game the two will launch together is called ‘Bubble Bots’, a Mobile Match-3 Puzzle RPG. Bubble Bots, a highly rated game, is a single & multiplayer casual mobile game where players can collect parts, gears, or weapons by evolving, building, or battling them out with enemies.

Bubble Bots is brought by a top-tier team of gaming & Web3 professionals from King, Gameloft, Metamask, FTX, and others. It is a game that some consider the 'Web3 Candy Crush.' It embodies Web2 games with fun & rewarding elements, such as Match 3 Puzzle RPG, Single & PVP Games, and NFTs Content. With Bubble Bots, players get to challenge themselves with hardcore puzzles, destroy their opponents, level up, and get rewarded.

Ultimately, Peanut Games creates a bridge between web3 and the traditional world by focusing on producing free, simple, and fun mobile games.