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Oxya Origin

Oxya Origin is building an immersive gaming universe linked by a player-owned asset economy featuring engaging shooter, strategy and exploration game modes set in a storytelling-driven dystopian galaxy.

Oxya Origin is building an immersive open world that features multiple game modes linked by the community, the storyline and the circular asset economy. Gamers, investors and creators will all find their place in the Oxya Origin universe.

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unique creatures and robotic characters equipped with guns, swords, bows, and arrows
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Oxya Origin is building a powerful gaming ecosystem designed to empower players and bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 games.

We aim to achieve that by developing an immersive gaming universe boasting engaging shooter, strategy and exploration game modes set in a culturally-significant environment linked by a player-owned asset ecosystem.

The Oxya Origin community will have the opportunity to accompany us on our journey to write the future of gaming by participating in Alpha and Beta tests, voting for future updates and participating in the Lore's creation and development.

We're aiming to make the most out of the opportunity at our footsteps by leading the transition to ownership-based gaming universes. To achieve that, our vision rests on four core tenets:

  • Engaging gameplay and high-end design.
  • Socially-significant storytelling with a rich lore.
  • Integrated asset ecosystem backed by a sustainable and profitable circular economy.
  • Intuitive user-experience and frictionless interactions (anyone can play).

In short, we're creating a story-driven universe in which we can apply successful game genres with a twist. All assets will be owned by the players, can be used in multiple modes and compliment each other to form a circular economy.

Our mission is to create the definitive gaming universe with engaging gameplay and purposeful storytelling at the heart of the equation. To achieve that we're looking to innovate on all fronts, from the gameplay mechanics thanks to cutting-edge technology and creative thinking to the gamenomic model under which's umbrella multiple games can be developed and linked by a circular asset ecosystem.

The Oxya Origin Lore traces through thousands of years of existence as humanity took to space and began interacting with and adapting to the various environments, species and resources at their disposal. The deep and engaging storyline is socially-significant and will make players and investors question themselves and the state of the world today.

Gamers and community members will have the opportunity to uncover the mystery of Oxya Origin which will be gradually unveiled throughout the years in the various games, experiences, platforms and merchandise made available throughout the years.

Oxya Origin: Road to Genesis is a free-to-play open world game in which players can explore the Oxya Origin universe, fight enemies, collect loot, interact with the environment, complete quests and play different game modes where they will try to survive in the rogue dungeons as they uncover the story's secrets and collect rewards along the way.

Road to Genesis is being developed on Unreal Engine 5 and has gone through an incubation phase at AAA gaming studio Ubisoft prior to its release.

The Oxya HeadQuarters is a the heart of the Oxya Origin ecosystem. The innovative dashboard interface was designed as a bridge between the different game modes. It will allow players to manage their Oxya Origin Lands and in-game assets as well as conduct exchanges on the marketplace without gas fees.

Landowners will have the opportunity to generate active and passive revenue by making the most out of their production potential as they turn their Lands into in-game asset production factories.

The Gatemap is an immersive gamified experience that puts players in control of a remote satellite that orbits Kryo, Naya and Luxion, therefore allowing them to explore the Oxya Origin universe from up top.

Players can visit the Gatemap to interact with the universe and start getting familiar with the greater story that has yet to be revealed.

The Oxya Origin asset ecosystem is designed to be sustainable and profitable for all stakeholders. All assets synergise with each other and maintain an in-game utility that provides them with intrinsic value. In addition, each collection is tailor-made to be pertinent to the Lore.