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Nifty Smashers

Nifty Smashers is a free to play 3D platform fighting game

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Nifty League is a community-governed game studio recognized for developing the first platform fighting game on Ethereum and now integrated with Immutable. Their first major title "Nifty Smashers" available on both iOS and Android app stores.

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Nifty League prides itself on being pioneers in decentralized game development.

In Web3 it’s often hard to separate the signal from the noise. Things move fast and it can seem like there is a new hyped project for every day of the week. While some projects lean into the hype, flaunting inflated vanity metrics like followers and Discord stats, Nifty League puts its full energy behind creating quality games and letting the numbers speak for themselves.

Our vision is ultimately to decentralize the green-light, funding, and publishing processes of games. Ongoing efforts are geared towards establishing Nifty League as game studio of unparalleled quality and player experience so that we can gradually inspire other indie game studios to build a decentralized future with us.

While Nifty League focuses on building a decentralized game platform with titles such as Nifty Smashers and other Nintendo-inspired games, Niftyverse stands at the heart of our ecosystem tying everything together. It's not only the central lobby system or launch point for many of these games, but the main hub for all social interactions (and quite frankly our biggest game in and of itself). It's an open-world metaverse centered around nostalgia. The Niftyverse along with our expanding collection of games encourage NFT communities to spend time connecting, gaming, and owning in Web3.

Players can compete and earn rewards in the ecosystem’s token, NFTL, which can be used to purchase in-game items and bonuses, trade with other players, or ‘cash out’ of the ecosystem.

Players must buy (with rentals launching in March 2022) a DEGEN NFT in order to compete in our first game, Nifty Smashers.

DEGENs earn NFTL tokens through gaming, which gives you a piece of ownership in the Nifty League DAO, the ability to buy in-game assets via our marketplace, purchase land in the Niftyverse, and more.

Our team strives to make our games highly competitive and packed full of nostalgia from the halcyon days of retro gaming! In September 2021, we released our first game Nifty Smashers - an NFT brawler where you battle it out with your DEGEN friends across 5 exciting levels. We've seen impressive in-game and community engagement, and are building additional games in the Niftyverse. Learn more about what's in store by checking out our roadmap.

The Nifty League DEGEN community has and will continue to play a key role in shaping our roadmap and games. We hope to see the platform expand into a fully decentralized DAO, with the support of developers in the community and indie gaming studios globally.

Finally, we are excited to partner with some of the largest web3 gaming guilds in the world to expand our player community, drive our content growth loops, and fuel awareness and engagement across the Nifty League ecosystem.