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Deviants Factions

Deviants' Factions, built on Immutable, proposes an immersive narrative experience for players, presenting a setup that provides fictional explanations to real-world events. Players must destroy their opponents' headquarters in the blockchain game to succeed, using a customized 8-card NFT deck

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Deviants Factions is a strategy game played by two players and/or artificial intelligences, each of whom presents a Headquarters and a customized deck of 8 cards. Over the course of a game, they’ll play cards in simultaneous turns. The goal of the game is to bring the opposing Headquarters’ Structure Points to 0.

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Deviants’ Factions – a trading card game on Immutable

The Immutable ecosystem has another promising addition to its fast-growing platform: a trading card game (TCG) called Deviants’ Factions.

Originally developed on the Terra blockchain, Deviants’ Factions is a TCG that combines gameplay with the opportunity to earn rewards. It features an immersive storyline inspired by real-world events and offers various types of cards (Characters & Technologies), as well as different factions (Awaken, Entropy, Inhuman, and Owner). These elements add depth and strategy to the game, leading to a wide range of possible outcomes in battles.

In each match, two players engage in combat using an 8-card deck to take down each other’s headquarters. Players can choose to use a pre-constructed deck or create their own by purchasing booster packs from Deviants’ Factions. Each card in the game possesses unique attack points and abilities, which play a critical role in destroying the opponent’s headquarters.

Similar to other TCGs, Deviants’ Factions places a strong emphasis on strategy. Players begin with three random cards, with the one-time option to redraw if they desire. They must strategically place their characters on the game board before the battle commences. As some cards are effective only in specific positions, players must thoroughly understand the value of their holdings in order to succeed.

Additionally, Deviants’ Factions utilizes a dual token system, consisting of its native token, $DEV, and an NFT-based currency called Volition ($VOL). Players earn $VOL through various in-game activities such as matches, challenges, or participation in LiveOps events. They can then use their $VOL to create tournament tickets, allowing them to participate in events where $DEV tokens are distributed as rewards. Both tokens ($DEV & $VOL) are set to be launched at a future date.

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