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Tower Defense

Defend the Kingdom

Defend the Kingdom is a casual PVP Tower Defense Game where players unlock heroes to battle waves of enemies. Unlock the strongest Heroes to rise to the top in PVP and Co-Op.

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Players assemble a team of five heroes to fight enemies. Strategically place heroes across the map and combine them to destroy your enemies and achieve victory! Heroes are game characters that are NFTs that can be traded and upgraded. Heroes can be further combined into more powerful versions.

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Kingdomverse launches “Defend The Kingdom” in Closed Alpha

In a press release on August 17, Kingdomverse said the mobile game, available for download on iOS and Android, will be available in Closed Alpha for all Monkey Kingdom community members before the official launch.

The Defend The Kingdom game is a casual tower defense game where a team made up of five heroes battle foes in a player-versus-player (PVP) or CO-OP mode. According to the game’s developer, their objective is to restore peace by toppling the Demon Empire. Players must create a Monkey Heroes team, build, strategize, and outwit their opponents. To make the game exciting, there are over 45 heroes to choose from and more than 100 possible combinations.

As the game is closed in Alpha and accessible to Money Kingdom’s community members, holders of the Monkey Kingdom NFTs can take part and stand a chance to win rewards.

On launching, the game will allow players to win rewards since it will integrate play-to-earn mechanics (P2E) and, later, a dual token system. Kingdomverse has revealed that rewards will include limited edition upgrades to NFTs, official collectibles, and even physical items. However, most importantly, by launching the closed alpha version of the first game, Kingdomverse is effectively bringing the Monkey Legend NFT collection back to life on mobile, highlighting its valuable utility.

Josh Kovac, the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Kingdomverse, said the launch of Defend The Kingdom allows gamers to experience their cross-platform metaverse experience. Additionally, the game will be their anchor and be linked to the broader Kingdomverse ecosystem on launch.

Kingdomverse will be the first cross-platform metaverse experience. We are very excited for players to test out the first casual game that will be linked to the wider Kingdomverse ecosystem.

The Metaverse will Revolutionize Gaming

According to estimates from leading establishments, including JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley, the metaverse will be worth trillions of dollars in the years ahead.

As an innovation that may find application in other spheres, gaming, widespread adoption of the metaverse will shape processes, allowing users to interact and communicate better. In gaming, an industry commanding billions of dollars, Kingdomverse is already tapping on the opportunity presented by mobile gaming and searching for means of linking the metaverse with the lucrative industry.

From the press release, Kingdomverse revealed that they are accelerating the adoption of the metaverse by using mobile gaming as a tool to onboard new users. By using exciting, fun, and highly interactive mobile games, users are acquainted with the metaverse world while earning, a method that’s already paying dividends.

Central to Kingdomverse’s strategy is immersion and interaction. These two pillars have helped cement their position in the sphere, allowing gamers to enjoy their passions on the go, straight from their mobile phones.

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