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ECOMI is a technology company based in Singapore which aims to lead the way in the emerging digital collectibles space, as well as protection of digital assets.

With VeVe, users can obtain common, rare, or one-of-a-kind digital collectibles and comics, customise and showcase them in the virtual showrooms, as well as buy, sell or trade collectibles and comics with other VeVe users - all from the palm of their hand.

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Ecomi/VeVe and Immutable: Bringing Legendary IP to the Blockchain

Recognizing the increasing demand for digital assets, many large media companies like Disney and Marvel are looking to bring their IP onto the blockchain. Blockchain platform Ecomi’s VeVe has become a beloved partner of choice.

The New Zealand-based platform features top-tier digital collectibles and comics, which users can customize, showcase in virtual showrooms, and share on social media. The platform also allows users to conveniently sell and purchase digital assets and NFTs using VeVe’s in-app currency called Gems, which can be bought using Ecomi’s token, OMI.

Despite boasting collaborations with the most well-known labels across entertainment, pop culture, and modern art, VeVe NFTs weren’t attracting as much attention as initially hoped. 

This was partly due to a lackluster user experience and insufficient liquidity within the ecosystem. To solve this, VeVe started building on Immutable. 

As the leading layer 2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum, Immutable provides VeVe NFT holderswith instant and gas-free trading, massive scalability (up to 9,000 TPS), and an exceptional user experience without compromising the security of the Ethereum blockchain. 

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Most importantly, the Immutable global shared orderbook spreads VeVe assets far and wide across multiple NFT marketplaces, adding more liquidity and awareness to the VeVe NFT ecosystem. 

What an impact it’s made. 

During its limited edition Disney Golden Moments NFT release on November 9, 2021, the Ecomi mobile app recorded a single day download of 39,000. It also gained $4.4 million in customer spending during Disney+ Day on November 12, 2021.  

Apart from this big-ticket license deal, Ecomi also closed partnerships with DC Comics, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, tokidoki, Star Trek, Back to the Future, Universal, and more. And with over 1 million active users and approximately 2.6 million assets sold, VeVe continues to be one of the top-grossing entertainment apps in Google Play and App Store. 

For more information on how Ecomi’s VeVe and Immutable are bringing premium digital collectibles from the biggest entertainment companies to users, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord