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Momentum at Immutable: Record-breaking growth and huge partnerships in June 2024

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We kicked off June with a massive announcement – NetMarble’s MARBLEX is migrating to Immutable bringing along several key IP titles: Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, A3: Still Alive, Meta World.

NetMarble is the largest mobile gaming company by market cap in the region, and we are excited to power their future roadmap on our platform. 

This is a huge step forward for web3 gaming.

And in just the first half of this year, we've already surpassed our record-breaking figures from 2023, and there are many more highlights across the platform.

Let's dive into this groundbreaking month.

MARBLEX chooses Immutable to create the home of web3 gaming in South Korea

Netmarble is one of the world's largest gaming publishers with a USD 3 billion listed company on the Korea Exchange.

Our partnership includes the migration of the full MARBLEX gaming platform and three live Netmarble titles onto Immutable zkEVM.

  • Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, an MMORPG based on the original universe of Ni no Kuni where the real world and the fantasy world coexist, presenting a world filled with fairytale-like animations with colorful 3D graphics and high-quality cutscenes.
  • A3: Still Alive: Dark fantasy open-world mobile RPG set in an apocalyptic fantasy world of swords and sorcery, pairing the enormous and living worlds of Open-World RPGs with the extreme combat of Battle Royale.
  • Meta World: My City is the sequel to the highly popular game Let's Get Rich, which attracted over 200 million players worldwide. It features board game mechanics and the opportunity to have virtual land and buildings in the metaverse.

These three games alone have more than 1M monthly activities and have made more than $80M in revenue in 2024. 

Quote from Hong Jin Pyo, CEO, Marblex

We are also launching the “Ecosystem Boost Program” with MARBLEX to provide developers with technical and financial support.

With up to USD 20 million earmarked for this program, we are leveraging our web3 gaming expertise and MARBLEX's local market leadership to onboard and support more web3 game developers. 

New games building on Immutable

Last year was a record-breaking year for the company. But in just the first half of 2024, we have already broken past total games signed in 2023 by signing over 150+ games.

This blasts our total to 380+ well-funded games building on Immutable!

Here are just a few examples of the latest additions: 

  • The Mystery Society: A web3 social deduction game & community built by ex-Disney, ex-ClubPenguin veterans.

  • Ships That Fight Underground: A game developed by Little Orbit, who has over 10+ years of experience working with every major licensor, including Warner Brothers, DC, Disney, and Cartoon Network.

  • Baby Shark Universe: The Baby Shark Universe, with official IP, is launching exclusively on Immutable. The team has a track record of creating major hit games like Kart Rider, Bubble Fighter, and CrossFire, with over 10M unique downloads driven by emotionally resonant pixel-based storytelling and unique content.

  • Devomon: Devomon brings experience from Nintendo and Crunchyroll and has raised over 3.5M in funding to bring its innovative anime-themed mobile game to life.

  • Somnis Rumble Rush: Overtake World, led by a former EA GM renowned for leading FIFA Online and generating over $600M annually, is bringing Somnis Rumble Rush for everyone to play on Immutable.

  • Revolve Games: Revolve Games’ Bones and Blade is already live in Open Beta, backed by a team with experience working on Overwatch, Diablo, Gears of War, and more.

Hockey-stick growth for Immutable zkEVM to 2M active users

Quote from Matt Scott, CEO, Little Orbit

We launched Immutable zkEVM to the broader public earlier this year.

Since then, data platforms like Token Terminal have already recorded a huge surge in monthly active users—nearly 2M already! 

This explosive growth is driven by just the first 1% of Immutable’s pipeline of games launching, and our Main Quest rewards program, the largest of its kind in web3 gaming.

Chart showing monthly active user growth

Immutable Passport wallet signups have also spiked! With only a handful of live games, we have already seen a massive increase in signups to nearly 1.5 million + (we were at a cool 1 million just last month!).

How did we create the most cutting-edge gaming wallet solution? Read Immutable Passport: The Road to 1 Million Sign-ups And Beyond

$IMX Protocol Grants updates

Our support for developers doesn’t stop with the Ecosystem Boost Program.

Our incentive-aligned, underwritten Protocol Grants issued in $IMX remain -- by far -- one of the most efficient grant programs in the industry in supporting the Immutable ecosystem. 

These grants are aimed at developers who bring high volume onto the Immutable platform and ecosystem. To qualify for a grant, developers must bring ~$15B of protocol volume.

Apply here

The vast majority of tokens are granted upon achievement of volume milestones and follow a vesting schedule, aligning long term incentives of developers and Immutable.

Chart showing total transaction volume at grant milestones

$IMX for Protocol Grants is issued by a subsidiary of the Digital Worlds Foundation. Immutable is not the issuer of $IMX. Immutable holds ~25% of the $IMX tokens issued by the Foundation.

The best is yet to come

As we wrap up our June recap, here are some things to keep an eye on in the near future:

Finally, we’d love to share this deep dive into our ecosystem from Arrington Capital. 

Their thesis? Immutable is on track to disrupt the $200B gaming industry.

We couldn't agree more. 

With our record-breaking adoption rate and community growth, groundbreaking partnerships, and thriving developer community, we are truly building the future of web3 gaming.

If you're a developer looking to build the next big web3 game, there's never been a better time to do it on Immutable.

Company News
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