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Forge Your Fleet with Space Nation Crew: The Immutables NFT Collection

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We are excited to announce a collaboration with Space Nation, the largest web3 MMORPG space universe, to launch a limited-edition NFT collection: the Immutables.

In Space Nation Online, the Crew is more than just a set of characters – they are your companions, allies, and strategic assets. Some can be recruited during random encounters, as part of lucrative trades, or as prisoners of war after intense battles. 

Now, you can recruit one of Immutable’s team members to be part of your warship’s crew!

Your Immutable space crew is ready for action

Introduced in the Closed Beta, Crew is the in-game NFT (Non-Fungible Token) for Space Nation, minted on Immutable's zkEVM.

Each Crew member has distinct attributes such as rarity, personality, profession, talent, skills, and faction allegiance. Crew members are categorized into tiers: Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common. The higher the tier, the more powerful the skills and talents your Crew member possesses.  

As you explore the mysteries of space, your Crew members will grow alongside you, unlocking new skills and talents that boost their capabilities. 

Like the bond between Groot, Rocket, and Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, your relationship with your crew will significantly impact your adventures within the Space Nation universe.

5,000 NFTs for the adventurous space explorers

This limited edition NFT is part of the first batch of Crew NFTs. It includes three tiers: Epic, Rare, and Uncommon.

Each NFT will be configured in your warship, enhancing its capabilities and unlocking new feats of strength in Proof of Contribution challenges. They will also be compatible with future Space Nation products, including Space Nation: Orion, an AI-driven game, and Project Hunger, further expanding their utility and value.

The minting process is streamlined for ease of access, with a planned mint date of July 9th. The initial supply of 5,000 NFTs is expected to be in high demand, and the mint price is set at 0.02 ETH. 

The broader impact of Crew NFTs

With over 100+ dedicated developers and a substantial budget of $40 million, Space Nation will set new standards for what’s possible with web3 gaming. 

This collaborative project is the tip of the iceberg of the next-level innovation the team is brewing, and the road map planned to boost player engagement will have on player engagement!

So, ready your ships, assemble your Crew, and embark on an epic journey where every decision, every trade, and every strategic move counts. 

In Space Nation, the stars are the limit, and your destiny is yours.

Start Your Main Quest Now and Be Part of the Immutable x Space Nation Crew NFT Collection!

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