Rewards are coming to Immutable
Be Early
Game character in a dungeon

The Main Quest

Embark on the ultimate web3 adventure with Immutable's Main Quest!

Journey through thrilling challenges, epic games, and encounters with the most influential figures. Stay focused on The Main Quest for the ultimate treasures - it's time to make your mark!

ChronoforgeChronoforge character

Being active on chain will get you rewarded

Immutable Toolkit
Add, swap, or bridge funds
Layerswap logo
Swap and bridge funds

Quickswap icon
DEX on Immutable zkEVM
Warpgate icon
A DEX for gamers, by gamers

Providing liquidity will get you bounty

Merkl icon
Earn LP rewards here
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LP rewards

Buying / selling NFTs on Immutable zkEVM will get you loot

Marketplaces icon
NFT marketplaces on Immutable zkEVM
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Trading Rewards
NFT Trading Rewards