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Immutable and MARBLEX Team Up to Bring AAA Games to Immutable zkEVM

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Web3 game adoption is inevitable and the gaming world is evolving. Imagine having the same fun experiences you enjoy now but with the added power to own and potentially even sell the things you earn in-game.

That's why we're excited to share that we're teaming up with MARBLEX, Netmarbles' dedicated blockchain gaming platform, a platform designed to make jumping into blockchain gaming smooth and familiar for players as they onboard into web3 with their favourite games. 

Let’s dive into this massive partnership.

MARBLEX games coming to Immutable zkEVM

Characters from MarbleX games

MARBLEX is based out of South Korea, a nation proud to boast a significant gaming community where over two-thirds of the population plays games. MARBLEX core gaming apps, games, and game tokens will operate on Immutable zkEVM alongside more than 330+ titles already building on Immutable. 

The partnership with MARBLEX will see household Korean games, synonymous with their high-quality mobile games more specifically, migrate exclusively to Immutable along with new games in the future. 

We are thrilled to announce several popular Netmarble titles are migrating to Immutable zkEVM, the first chain built specifically for gamers with over 1.8 million monthly average users.

  • Ni no Kuni – Cross Worlds, an MMORPG based on the original universe of Ni no Kuni where the real world and the fantasy world coexist, presenting a world filled with fairytale-like animations with colorful 3D graphics and high-quality cutscenes. 
  • A3: Still Alive – a dark fantasy open world mobile RPG set in an apocalyptic fantasy world of swords and sorcery, pairing the enormous and living worlds of Open-World RPGs with the extreme combat of Battle Royale.
  • Meta World – My City, the sequel to the highly popular game Let's Get Rich, which attracted over 200 million players around the world; it features board game mechanics and the opportunity to have virtual land and buildings in the metaverse.

"We're committed to building exciting web3 gaming experiences for players.’, says Hong Jin Pyo, CEO of MARBLEX, “To maximize the reach of these experiences and ensure scalability for both existing and upcoming titles, partnering with a proven leader in web3 gaming was crucial. That's why Immutable and their industry-leading zkEVM chain was the perfect choice."

Supercharging web3 game development with the Ecosystem Boost Program

To keep the momentum going, Immutable and MARBLEX are also launching a joint 20 million USD “Ecosystem Boost Program.” 

This initiative is all about giving developers the tools and funds they need to supercharge their game development and keep up with the ecosystem’s growth. And gamers need high-quality, fun games, which is why we offer a comprehensive suite of plug-and-play tools that developers can leverage to get to market sooner, while not stressing about the complexity of web3 infrastructure. 

Tools like Immutable Passport, a non-custodial wallet built for players, and the Immutable Global Orderbook, which distributes assets across leading marketplaces to boost exposure and liquidity for developers, ensure developers have all they need to focus on making great games, and onboard new players with ease.

Our founder Robbie Ferguson: "This is one of the most significant partnerships we've made to date. South Korea is one of the largest markets in web3 gaming, and MARBLEX are pioneers here. We're thrilled to be helping their goal to scale to tens of millions of players as they migrate to Immutable, the one-stop shop platform for web3 Games."

Immutable's growing AAA partnerships

This partnership with MARBLEX is just the beginning. After teaming up with Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab in late 2023, we’ve got a stellar lineup of future releases.

Get ready for a whole new level of web3 gaming. 

Immutable zkEVM
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