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Immutable Passport: The Road to 1 Million Sign-ups And Beyond

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Immutable Passport recently hit a major milestone: 1 million sign-ups! 

And the momentum is not stopping there, as we’re about to hit 1.5 million sign-ups very soon.

Our cutting-edge gaming identity and wallet solution tackles real problems for both players and developers. Passport makes web3 games more accessible and enjoyable for mainstream gamers, while equipping developers with tools to build and grow their web3 games effectively.

Let's explore how we got here. From tackling complex wallet security to streamlining player onboarding, this is the story of how Passport is making web3 gaming accessible to millions.

Game developers needed a user-friendly wallet to onboard mainstream players

About two years ago, as we built out the Immutable platform for web3 games, we encountered a recurring challenge. Game developers were excited about web3 technology, but they needed a user-friendly wallet solution to onboard mainstream players. 

Existing options fell short:

  1. Traditional non-custodial wallets required users to manage complex 12-word passphrases.
  2. More user-friendly options often required games to take custody of the users' funds, a responsibility that game developers didn't want to have.

We realized that solving this problem could be a game-changer for the entire web3 gaming ecosystem. 

This is when the concept of Immutable Passport was born.

Creating a non-custodial wallet as easy to use as social media login

Our vision for Passport was ambitious: create a non-custodial wallet that's as easy to use as logging into a social media account, while providing the security and interoperability that web3 gaming demands. 

This meant tackling several key challenges:

  • User experience: Eliminate seed phrases and complex onboarding.
  • Security: Ensure user assets remain protected without sacrificing convenience.
  • Interoperability: Allow seamless use across multiple games and marketplaces.
  • Scalability: Build a solution capable of supporting millions of users and transactions.

To overcome these challenges, we needed to thread the needle between user-friendliness and legal compliance for non-custodial wallets. 

Our solution involved partnering with key players in the blockchain space and developing proprietary technology.

We partnered with Magic Link to leverage their secure key management solutions, which are widely recognized as non-custodial by legal experts. This allowed us to create a system where users can access their keys through familiar login methods, without compromising on security.

We also developed Passport Guardian, an additional layer of protection that validates transactions before they're processed.

Completion rates for Passport double vs traditional wallets 

Despite our enthusiasm, the path to widespread adoption wasn't instant. We launched the first version of Passport in April 2023, well before many of our partner projects were ready to integrate it. 

However, early results were promising.

After the launch of Passport, we conducted a case study with over 7,000 gamers showcasing Passport's impact:

  • Group A, using Passport for account creation, saw over double the completion rate compared to Group B, which used a traditional email and wallet creation process.
  • The "Create a Passport" call-to-action was nearly as effective as the simple "Enter Email" prompt, with only a 3% difference.
  • 70% of gamers who chose the Passport flow signed up using their Google accounts.
chart showing Immutable Passport conversion rate

This data clearly demonstrated Passport's ability to reduce onboarding friction, making it easier for games to convert and retain players.

Immutable zkEVM sparks rapid growth

The real turning point, however, came with the launch of Immutable zkEVM in January 2024. 

This powerful scaling solution, combined with Passport's proven user-friendly onboarding, created the perfect environment for exponential growth.

As games began launching on our platform, we saw hockey stick growth in Passport adoption. Each title participating in the Main Quest brought a surge of users, and which further accelerated growth. 

The recent launch of Guild of Guardians, one of the world's first AAA mobile web3 games, has been a particular catalyst for adoption.

Passport today: A unified gaming wallet

Today, Passport offers a unique value proposition in the web3 gaming space:

  • One-click social logins for easy onboarding
  • Automatic wallet creation upon signup
  • Seamless in-game transactions without disruptive pop-ups
  • Cross-game asset and currency management
  • Enhanced security through multi-layered protection

Additionally, Passport now enables gas-free transactions for players on Immutable zkEVM. This means games and marketplaces can seamlessly sponsor gas fees for Passport users, eliminating a major friction point in web3 gaming. 

Players can enjoy the game, trade assets, and participate in the game's economy without ever encountering the concept of gas fees. The ability to sponsor gas fees allows developers to treat these costs like traditional server expenses, potentially increasing player adoption, conversion, and overall revenue.

For players, Passport means a frictionless entry into web3 gaming. For game developers, it provides access to a growing pool of engaged users, unified liquidity, and simplified web3 interactions. 

The future of Passport: becoming the industry standard for gaming wallets

With over 300+ games signed up to use Immutable's ecosystem (and Passport by extension), we're just scratching the surface of its potential.

Our vision is for Passport to become the de facto industry standard for gaming wallets.

Reaching 1 million users is a significant milestone, and we’re immensely proud of our team that made it possible. But it's just the beginning. 

Immutable Passport is playing a crucial role in bringing web3 gaming to the masses. By solving key challenges around user friendliness, security, and interoperability, we're laying the foundation for a new era of digital ownership in gaming.

As more games launch and our ecosystem grows, Passport will continue to evolve, always with the goal of making web3 gaming accessible, secure, and fun for everyone.

The future of gaming is here, and it's powered by Immutable Passport.

Company News
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