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Guild of Guardians Launches to High Ratings

Guild of Guardians poster showing Google Play and Appstore ratings of 4.8 stars
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In the mystical world of Elderym, a dark and corrupting force known as the Dread threatens to plunge the realm into chaos and destruction… 

It’s been two weeks since Guild of Guardians launched, and we’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm.

In the few days post-launch on May 15th we saw:

  • ~30,000 installs in the first 24-48 hours
  • 20x increase in daily active users from our regional test launch
  • 4.8/5 star rating on Apple App Store in AU with top 10 in the US, Philippines, and Singapore

The icing on top is that nearly 98% of our installs converted into active game players, reflecting the seamless onboarding process via Passport that we strive to create.

But this is only the beginning. Let’s dive into one of our most anticipated titles to date.

Play Guild of Guardians Now

A Guardian's journey to fight The Dread

Guild of Guardians is a blend of roguelike dungeon crawling and strategic squad building. 

As a newly awakened Guardian, you must rise to the challenge and embark on an epic adventure to save the world from oblivion. 

As you explore Elderym, you'll uncover the secrets of these domains and harness their powers to aid you in your quest.

Before entering a dungeon, you'll need to carefully select your team of Guardians, each with unique abilities and playstyles. You can select up to 10 Guardians to bring with you. Positioning your Guardians is key - place melee fighters onin the front line and ranged characters in the back for optimal performance. 

Play Guild of Guardians Now

Each dungeon has an associated Guardian Level Recommendation to help gauge whether your team is ready for the challenge ahead. 

During combat, your Guardians will automatically charge into battle and attack enemies. 

Guild of Guardians screen

As they fight, they'll earn ability energy, which, when full, allows you to  manually trigger their special abilities for devastating effects manually. 

Guild of Guardians victory screen

You'll encounter various challenges and rewards as you progress through the dungeon rooms. These include completing adventure dungeons, participating in endless mode, arena battles, boss-rush challenges, daily quests, and reaching adventure milestones. 

Merging, forging, and empowering your Guardians

gear screen

Outside of dungeon runs, you'll manage and empower your Guardians through various crafting and progression systems. 

The Merge Board allows you to combine resources obtained from dungeons to create higher-quality crafting materials. These materials are then used in the Forge to craft increasingly powerful gear for your Guardians.

Enlightenment and Ascension are two key methods for increasing your squad's overall power. 

Radiance modal

Acquiring duplicate Guardians and Faction Souls can Enlighten your characters to new heights. Ascension takes this further, converting your in-game Guardians into tradable NFTs known as "Radiant" Guardians. These Radiant Guardians are stronger and can be sacrificed for Radiant Souls to enhance their abilities further.

Rewards abound to upgrade your squad

Players can also earn rewards for logging in regularly and unlocking achievements: 

  • The web2 rewards in GOG are diverse and include soft currency, hard currency, free summons, guardian shards, crafting materials, consumables, equipment, XP scrolls, gold, coins, and more. Additionally, players can earn leaderboard points and guild coins by participating in special game modes and events.

  • The web3 rewards in GOG allow players to compete against one another in various game modes to climb the leaderboards and earn exclusive NFT prizes and tokens. The game modes are split into different ranks, with top-performing players striving to reach the #1 spot over multiple weeks for a chance at the end-of-season rewards.
Choose a rune screen

After each room, you'll choose from three Runes that provide unique passive buffs to your team. Runes can be leveled up for increased effectiveness, and rare Elite and Boss rooms offer even more powerful Runes upon completion.

Your perfect gaming companion

Person playing Guild of Guardians on their phone

Tailored to complement your lifestyle seamlessly, GOG is the perfect companion game on mobile. 

Whether you're absorbed in a TV show, handling household chores, on the move, or even on a work call, GOG offers fun, short gaming sessions. Its flexibility and accessibility organically integrate into your life, providing entertainment that fits your schedule and needs.

"Our vision for Guild of Guardians is to create a captivating and immersive mobile gaming experience that seamlessly integrates the best of web3 technology, empowering players to truly own their in-game assets and shape the future of the game."

- Chris Clay, Game Director of Guild of Guardians

A dream team of industry veterans 

Guild of Guardians team

Published by Immutable Games, Guild of Guardians is the creation of a highly experienced and passionate team of industry veterans led by Chris Clay (Game Director) and the talented developers at Stepico Games and Mineloader. 

With a wealth of experience working on renowned titles such as Magic: The Gathering Arena, Riot Games, and Final Fantasy, the team behind Guild of Guardians is dedicated to delivering a top-quality AAA mobile gaming experience enhanced by web3 technology.

Developed over several years with a strong focus on community engagement and player feedback, Guild of Guardians is ready to set a new standard for web3 gaming, offering players an unparalleled blend of immersive storytelling, strategic gameplay, and true asset ownership.

Will you answer the hero’s call? 

In Guild of Guardians, your progress and achievements are more than just numbers on a screen. 

The game enables true ownership of your heroes, equipment, and other valuable assets by leveraging blockchain technology, NFTs, and tokens. The time and effort you invest in the game have real value, and you can trade or sell your assets to other players using Immutable Passport via Marketplaces.

Join Guild of Guardians Closed Beta Now

By participating in Guild of Guardians, you're not just embarking on an epic adventure and joining a vibrant community of players, investors, and enthusiasts who are shaping the future of gaming. 

So, gather your courage, rally your allies, and prepare to venture on an unforgettable journey in the realm of Elderym. 

Your legend is waiting to be written.

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