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The Main Quest: Immutable Ecosystem Launches Massive Web3 Gaming Rewards Program

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Players, are you ready to embark on The Main Quest? 

In collaboration with the Digital Worlds Foundation, the Immutable Ecosystem is excited to announce the launch of one of the largest ever web3 gaming quest and rewards programs, with up to $50 million in rewards committed for players, and more to be announced.

Starting today, you can get rewards by playing games, exploring quests, and owning collections across some of the most highly anticipated web3 games, including Pixelmon, Illuvium, Guild of Guardians, Space Nation, and MetalCore

“This is single-handedly the largest rewards program in web3 gaming, “says Immutable President and Co-founder, Robbie Ferguson.With The Main Quest, we are showing players what they can expect when we talk about the real benefits of digital ownership.”

Let’s dive into it.

Here’s how The Main Quest works and how you can participate

Getting started with The Main Quest program is easy. 

To get rewards, new and existing players who have signed up with Immutable Passport or have connected their wallet on Immutable zkEVM can acquire Gems by claiming their daily reward here, gas-free!

A Gem

Then you can participate in a variety of constantly evolving daily tasks and quests across our web3 game roster. You can find the full list of games to play in the Main Quest at the end of this post.

And for those seeking additional rewards, the Main Quest has you covered. In addition to earning Gems, you'll also have the opportunity to claim bonus incentives like game tokens and unique in-game NFTs by completing quests on Immutable zkEVM:

  • Swap tokens on different third party DEXs using the zkEVM
  • Provide liquidity on platforms like Merkl and Gamma to support the ecosystem
  • Buy and sell NFTs on the Immutable zkEVM marketplace to showcase your collection

To learn more about the specific projects and platforms where you can earn these extra prizes, visit the official rewards page

Join the Main Quest, earn rewards now

Immutable is home to some of the most popular web3 games, with 300+ games building and offering a wide variety of experiences. We’ve launched this program to thank our incredible player base.

None of this would be possible without you.

Robbie Ferguson: “We are excited to launch this first leg with some of the most highly anticipated projects in web3 gaming today, and as more games go to market, we expect to see the opportunities for players to get rewards through the Immutable ecosystem grow exponentially. Web3 gaming is here, and we can’t wait to add more opportunities for players to play games and get rewards.” 

Whether you enjoy collectible card games, action-packed adventures, or strategic challenges, there's something for everyone. 

Start your Main Quest now!

Please be aware that users from some jurisdictions may not be eligible to participate in the Main Quest at this time.

The Main Quest Game lineup

The first 10 games joining The Main Quest games are listed here. 

Blast Royale

Battle Royale banner

Fight against other players in a fast-paced, mobile Battle Royale survival match.

Play Blast Royale Now

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians banner

An epic roguelite mobile RPG from Immutable’s own studio.

Play Guild of Guardians Now

Hunters on Chain

Hunters on Chain poster

By BoomLand is a Free-To-Play action RPG game on mobile and browser.  

Play Hunters on Chain Now


Illuvium poster

World's first IBG (Interoperable Blockchain Game) including an upcoming open-world exploration, NFT creature collector and autobattler game. 

Play Illuvium Now


MetalCore poster

A free-to-play, multiplayer mech combat game powered by towering war machines, currently in Closed Beta.

Play MetalCore Now


Pixelmon poster

Building the first fractionalised gaming IP with great emphasis on community interactions and meticulous execution. 

Play Pixelmon Now

Pool Masters

Pool Masters poster

Premier game from studio Eyeball Games, bringing the pool shooter gaming experience into the modern era.

Play Pool Masters Now

Space Nation

Space Nation poster

The Web3 Space Opera MMORPG - Build, Fight, Survive. 

Play Space Nation Now

The Bornless

Bornless poster

An action horror FPS. Face off against other players, summon demons, and build factions in a Lovecraftian world.

Play The Bornless Now


Treeverse poster

A top-down open-world classless MMORPG built for mobile with social features and an emphasis on cooperative gameplay.

Play Treeverse Now

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