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Momentum at Immutable: Big releases and milestones in May 2024

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Guild of Guardians is now available for everyone to play worldwide! 

One of the world's first AAA mobile web3 gaming experiences is set to offer players an unparalleled blend of immersive storytelling, strategic gameplay, and true digital asset ownership.

Play Guild of Guardians Now

As our co-founder Robbie says:

“Everyone is still massively underestimating how big web3 gaming is going to be. With over 300+ games now building on Immutable, nearly 40% of these games will be launched in 2024." 

This means, expect many new web3 games coming your way this year! Guild of Guardians isn’t the first (or last!) AAA game in development on Immutable.

Our monthly active users also skyrocketed, with Immutable zkEVM pushing our metrics beyond all expectations.

Immutable zkEVM MAUs growth chart

We had a whole lot more going on this month, so without further ado, let’s dive in.

Immutable Games: Guild of Guardians goes live as top 10 in App Store

Our much-anticipated AAA mobile game Guild of Guardians went live this month. Guild of Guardians is a rogue-lite mobile RPG set in a world on the brink of destruction. 

The launch marked the first of three “acts” for Guild of Guardians as we roll out new web3 game features in the coming months - like Guilds, crafting, new pets and creatures. 

Guild of Guardians launch roadmap

Here are the launch highlights:

  • Guild of Guardians had over 1 million pre-registered players (1,070,452 as of May. ‘24) 
  • Early total installs steadily grew by almost 30K in the first 24-48 hours. 
  • Top 10 in the Android and Apple App Stores in the US, Philippines and Singapore. This was all organic growth without paid or marketing faucet turned on to ensure we didn’t crash servers. 
  • We've seen roughly a 2x increase in D1 retention from Regional Test Launch to Global Launch. We believe the rebuilt tutorial and optimized core game loop, along with web3 being enabled has impacted this.
  • We have also already seen a 10x increase in CCU (concurrent users) and more than a  20x increase of our DAU (daily active users) from our Regional Test Launches to D1 of our Global Launch last week
  • Android users make up almost 3/4 of downloads so far, with our top markets Brazil, PH, US - all changing hour by hour.
  • We’ve had massive conversion success with early 98% of our installs converted into active game players, reflecting a very smooth download process 
  • Rewards & Leaderboards also kicked off with launch - Age of the Dread campaign with 1M $GOG in rewards for the first campaign

Already scoring an impressive 4.8/5 on the app store, GoG is paving the way for web3 gaming to go mainstream!

Let’s rapid-fire through more recent launches in our ecosystem:

  • Space Nation Online, Space Nation is a AAA Space Opera Web3 MMORPG that will take you on a journey beyond the stars.
  • Medieval Empires, Medieval Empires is a mid-core multiplayer online strategy game based in a blockchain-powered historical world.
  • DESPERADO B218, solve the missing link together with agents that can battle, be developed, collected, and traded.

Head over to our Play page to discover more games!

Immutable Passport hits 1M Signups!

Immutable Passport, our all-in-one gamer identity solution, has reached a significant milestone in onboarding mainstream users to web3 gaming. 

With the recent launch of Guild of Guardians and the ongoing Main Quest, the largest web3 gaming rewards program, Passport has seen tremendous growth: it has officially passed 1M signups, doubling from 400K signups less than a month ago!

Chart showing signup growth on Immutable Passport

Passport allows users easy access to our games and marketplaces with one secure profile, enabling them to explore new game worlds with just a few clicks. 

Our next goal? 10M signups. 

The launch of the Main Quest 

Main Quest poster

With up to $50M in rewards prepared for all players and more to be announced,  Immutable’s Ecosystem's Main Quest is the largest web3 gaming rewards program to date.

Robbie states:

With The Main Quest, we are showing players what they can expect when we talk about the real benefits of digital ownership.”

To get rewards, new and existing players who have signed up with Immutable Passport or have connected their wallet on Immutable zkEVM can acquire Gems by claiming their daily reward here, gas-free!

Daily gems poster

Then you can participate in a variety of constantly evolving daily tasks and quests across our web3 game roster. And for those gamers looking to maximize their rewards, the Main Quest has you covered. 

In addition to earning Gems, you'll also have the opportunity to claim bonus incentives like game tokens and unique in-game NFTs by completing quests on Immutable zkEVM:

  • Swap tokens on different third party DEXs using the zkEVM
  • Provide liquidity on platforms like Merkl and Gamma to support the ecosystem
  • Buy and sell NFTs on the Immutable zkEVM marketplace to showcase your collection

Visit the official rewards page to learn more about the specific projects and platforms on which you can earn these extra prizes. 

Immutable joins forces with Spielworks

We are uniting with Spielworks to supercharge gaming rewards for players! Alongside their web3 gaming platform, Wombat, and its popular asset marketplace, AtomicHub, we are joining forces on user acquisition and engagement.

Immutable and Spielworks logos

Spielworks boasts 7M+ users across all products brings the benefits of blockchain to mass-market gaming:

  • True ownership of digital assets
  • Secure handling of tokens and trading
  • Streamlined interaction with exceptional blockchain games.

This partnership signifies our shared commitment to driving the growth and adoption of web3 gaming.

"High-quality content within and around Web3 games deserves a proper spotlight, and together with Immutable, we can really elevate the space for everyone — creators, players and traders alike"

- Adrian Krion, CEO and Co-Founder of Spielworks.

New titles helping us make web3 gaming go mainstream

Robbie Ferguson speaking on Immutable's mission:

“The things that we focus on at Immutable is, number one, the games we work with have to be quality games that you would want to play outside of web3. That's a really important bar.”

Here are new games launching on Immutable helping us achieve this mission:

  • Faith's Arena of Faith, a groundbreaking web3 MOBA game, offers seamless cross-platform gameplay. The partnership with Immutable aims to shape the future of competitive gaming and on-chain esports. 
  • Rogue Sentinel Studios' Astra Nova, the first web3 game from Saudi Arabia, aims to surpass AAA gaming by adapting web3 and AI technologies. With a team of industry veterans, the project has raised over $1.3M and leverages Immutable zkEVM for long-term success. 
  • ACT Games brings ZOIDS WILD ARENA, a TCG based on the beloved ZOIDS IP, to web3. The game allows players to build decks and compete for supremacy, and aims to migrate to Immutable's seamless UI via the Passport wallet. 
  • THE PYRAMID WATCH SAS partners with Immutable to bring THE WATCH, a unique competitive game combining RTS and MOBA elements, to web3 gaming. Developed by seasoned artists from major studios, THE WATCH offers a rich lore and cinematic experience. 
  • GS4E's ShutDown, an action-packed, dystopian game set in a universe where AI has taken over, partners with Immutable to enhance scalability, efficiency, and NFT integration. The team behind ShutDown brings extensive experience from the web2 gaming industry.
  • The Red One is an extraction shooter TPS (Third-Person Shooter) game developed using Unreal Engine 5. With its innovative PvPvE rules, The Red One offers a unique blend of cooperative teamwork and competitive strategy, challenging players to balance resource management, combat efficiency, and tactical planning.
  • Eldarune: Eldarune is a Game Factory that builds interoperable, medieval themed blockchain games. ELDARUNE's goal is to create an interoperable gaming ecosystem between games and chains: 1 Token, 4 games.
  • Engines of Fury is a post-apocalyptic top-down extraction shooter with single deflationary utility token $FURY and NFTs. Made by team that worked/ex- Blizzard, Ubisoft, Activision, Unity, Matic (Polygon), NOIA (Syntropy), DeRace, etc

Immutable is building the future of web3 gaming

Logos games and companies in the Immutable cosystem

We’ve made a ton of progress this May – but this is only the beginning! 

We’re at a critical inflection point within web3 gaming, and the upcoming launches of many well-funded, high-quality, fun games will soon have everyone speaking about ‘web3 games’.

Web3 gaming will soon become a household term worldwide.

As Robbie said best:

"Please, if you're a gamer, reach out. We've got a ton of stuff behind the scenes that's really exciting."

We’ll be here building this future for gamers, game studios, and everyone in between to enjoy, participate in, and benefit from.

At Immutable you have everything you need to build your next hit game.

For more information, please visit:

Join the Immutable community on Discord, Reddit, X, Instagram, Telegram and Youtube

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